New Feature: Packages

Looking for some extra cash? Well you’re in luck! With our new Packages feature, you can sell prepaid vouchers or items which customers can redeem on later visits to the store.

To start, first go to the Packages tab from the menu bar.

Then key in the customer’s phone number.

Once you’ve collected payment, select the package you sold. An SMS text message is sent to the customer.

Package items then show up in the customer’s CandyBar account.

That’s all there is to it. Hello cash flow.

Get in touch and we’d be happy to enable Packages on your account at no additional cost.

New Feature: Reward Notifications

Customers love getting rewards. Now, your customers will get notified when they get a new one. CandyBar sends out an SMS notification every time a customer earns a new reward.

We’ve also enhanced the history tab and rewards given to customers now show up in the history page. This makes it easy for cashiers to figure out when rewards were earned by a specific customer.

Next in Queue: New CandyBar Cashier Experience

We’re excited to share an update to the core CandyBar experience.

Brand new interface and streamlined cashier workflow

Cashiers can now log in as a customer on the cashier page and give customers stamps and redeem rewards without the customer needing to log in.

The incoming requests page has been updated to focus on the customer being served, and show more details about them.

Next in queue

If your customers make the request from their personal phones, we now queue requests as they come in. Tapping ‘next in queue’ will take you to the next customer in line. If the customer made the request from the in-store tablet,  they’ll be logged off.

Customer identity

We’ve also added details about each customer, to help you understand more about their relationship with your business.

Stacked rewards and undo button

Multiple rewards now stack into a single card, making them simpler to redeem and see how many there are.

We’ve added multiple in-the-moment undo buttons, to help you make quick changes and fix mistakes.

History tab

We’ve also massively upgraded the history tab, allowing you to re-open recent customers at the tap of a button, or revoke accidental stamps or rewards.

New Feature: Canceling Requests

We’ll be honest. We’ve always felt a little guilty about not allowing customers to cancel a stamp request once they’ve started one. When other apps do this to us, we always have some choice words for them.

Today we right this wrong.

New Feature: Customer Profiles

Want to greet your favorite customers by name? Now you can with our customer profile feature. We give customers a stamp when they provide their name and email through the CandyBar app.

The customer’s name also shows up when they ask for a stamp.

Say hi to your customers for us!

New Feature: Customer Feedback

Boy do we have a new year goody for you!

Providing a great customer experience is the key to a successful business. Now you can find out what customers think about their experience at your store even when you’re not there to ask them.

With our new feedback feature, customers get prompted to give feedback every time they get a stamp on their card.


When they submit feedback, you’ll get an email telling you about it. Use the feedback you get to make your in-store experience even better!

New Feature: Easy Stamp Approval

We’re excited to introduce a new feature which we think cashiers will love! With our new Easy Stamp Approval feature, it takes just one click for cashiers to grant a stamp:


Cashiers can always grant more stamps or reject the request with the “More Stamps” button.

New Feature: Reward Terms & Conditions

Howdy! Do you want to let customers know the rewards they earn can’t be combined? Or maybe that they can redeem rewards only if they come by on a Tuesday in a green dress? Well, we have just the feature for you!

You can now specify terms and conditions for your reward:

Get in touch with us if you want to set this for your store.

P.S. You might also have noticed our new card design. We have more color templates coming up, stay tuned!



New Feature: Grant More Stamps

The CandyBar elves have been busy! Want to give a customer more than 4 stamps? Your wish is granted! Cashiers can now grant any number of stamps to a customer with the ‘Qty’ button:


You’ll need to reload the cashier portal to see it. Enjoy!