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By the Numbers

  • 97% of loyalty reward earned have been redeemed!
  • High engagement: On average, each customer has earned 7 stamps - more than enough to redeem a reward.
  • Repeat Loyalty: 50% of customers have earned 2 or more rewards.One super-loyal customer even earned 31 rewards!

About Fiddler's Green

Fiddler's Green Walpole is a cannabis dispensary on Walpole Island in Ontario, Canada. Fiddler's Green offers a variety of cannabis and cannabinoid products, including CBD coffee and THC-infused soda pop.

Cannabis use is legal in Canada for medicinal and recreational purposes. Fiddler's Green faced competition from other cannabis dispensaries in the area.

On top of that, Fiddler's Green also faced competition from eCommerce. Online sales of cannabis were restricted to the government-owned retailer. Fiddler's Green needed to offer a great in-store experience in order to retain its customers.

The CandyBar Effect

Fiddler's Green set up their loyalty program in August 2019. Customers could redeem five stamps for a 10% discount or a free gram of product.

In just a few months, the loyalty program had become extremely popular with customers:

  • 97% of loyalty rewards earned have been redeemed
  • Over 9,000 stamps have been issued. On average, each customer has earned 7 stamps, enough to redeem a reward and a half.
  • 50% of customers have earned 2 or more rewards.

According to staff, CandyBar has been extremely well-received with customers, some of whom became loyal regulars.

CandyBar has also helped Fiddler's Green staff start conversations with repeat customers as well.

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