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Jewelry By Misty: Crafting Customer Loyalty

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By the Numbers

  • In just six months, close to 1,400 customers have enrolled in Jewelry by Misty’s customer loyalty program.
  • Half of those customers earned a reward, by making at least 10 repeat visits and purchases.
  • 100 customers have received a special Birthday Reward from Misty.
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar has been an integral part in us having return customers.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


Owner at Jewelry by Misty

About Jewelry by Misty

Jewelry by Misty is a small retail business in the United States. Misty takes inspiration from life and hand-crafts necklaces, bracelets, and rings with a special personalised message.

Misty has also expanded the store’s offering to include apparel (like custom printed T-shirts and sweatshirts) as well as smaller items like coffee, tumblers and bookmarks.

As a small business, Misty faces competition from larger retail stores. Misty makes a special effort to retain every customer and make them feel special.

The CandyBar Effect: Loyalty Rewards Regulars Loved

Misty used CandyBar to set up a customer loyalty program. Customers could collect 10 stamps to get $10 off their next purchase.

Customers loved the loyalty program:

  • Strong Take-up: Close to 1,400 customers enrolled in Jewelry by Misty’s loyalty program. That’s almost 200 customers a month!
  • High Engagement: Over 24,000 stamps have been issued to customers for repeat store visits or purchases. More than half of all customers have earned 10 stamps - enough for a reward!
  • High Redemptions Rate: 72% of all rewards earned have been redeemed. 1 in 5 customers have even redeemed 2 or more rewards.
  • Super Fans: One customer has 44 store visits, visiting Jewelry by Misty more than once every week

Making Customers Feel Special with Birthday Rewards

Misty used CandyBar’sho Birthday Rewards feature to offer customers a special treat: a free stamp if they come into the store on their birthday. Close to 100 customers have already claimed their free Birthday stamp.

On top of that, Misty also made use of CandyBar’s Promo Messages to run a limited-time Double Stamp weekend. The campaign reached over 1,000 customers and had an open rate of 10%.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar is exactly what I need to keep my customers happy and make each of them feel special

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


Owner at Jewelry by Misty

Misty is delighted with how CandyBar helps bring her customers back in the door, making them feel special and part of a valued community.

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