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One Stop Bakery: Delighting Customers

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By the Numbers

  • Close to a 1,000 customers have enrolled in the program!
  • Several hundred customers made multiple repeat visits. One customer has even made over 240 store visits.
  • Debbie used CandyBar’s Promo Messages to reach almost 1,000 customers with a special store promotion
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar has been helpful to get my customers back in the door

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


One Stop Bakery

About One Stop Bakery

One Stop Bakery is a small bakery located in the United States. Debbie offers freshly baked bagels, donuts and sandwiches, including a lunch menu and special pastries imported from New York.

Debbie was looking to increase store revenue. As a small business, she faced competition from larger chains and franchises. She tried running ads, but they were too costly and offered limited returns. Instead, Debbie decided to look for something that could make each customer feel special.

Debbie Googled for loyalty solutions, and decided to use CandyBar. Compared to the alternatives, she felt that CandyBar offered the features she needed, and "the price point was perfect" for her. She also loved that customers did not need to carry a physical punch card; all they needed was to enter their phone number.

How Debbie used Loyalty Rewards to grow her revenue

Debbie recalls that when she first opened the bakery, locals were excited about the cakes and pastries. After a while, demand for sweets tapered off. Debbie noticed that it was her New York Bagels that sold regularly.

"The bagel person comes in every day; the donut guy comes in once a month." It turned out that many of the locals were retirees from New York, and they would come in every day for one or two bagels - but not try any of her cakes. Debbie decided to use CandyBar to get them hooked, and try her sweets and cakes.

"Getting them to try it is the most important part. If I can get them to try it, then I sold them - they're gonna be back for more."

Debbie gave regular bagel-buyers a free cookie as a loyalty reward. Her plan worked: her regular bagel-buyers would start buying donuts and pastries by the third or fourth visit.

The CandyBar Effect: Rewards for Regulars

Debbie used CandyBar to set up a simple customer loyalty program, with three tiers of rewards:

  • 10 Stamps -- A free cup of coffee or iced tea
  • 15 Stamps -- 5% off their purchase, and a free cup of coffee
  • 20 Stamps -- 10% off their purchase, a free cup of coffee and a cookie to go along with it.

Customers loved the loyalty program:

  • Strong Take-up: Close to 1,000 customers have joined One Stop Bakery’s loyalty program.
  • Repeat Engagement: 90% of customers have made enough visits and purchases to earn a reward. One customer has even made over 240 store visits!
  • High Engagement: Over 12,000 stamps have been issued, making up close to 2,400 rewards!

Most importantly, Debbie converted her bagel-buyers into regular customers who purchased all of her products.

Making Customers Feel Special with CandyBar

Debbie used CandyBar’s features to offer customers a special treat:

  • Birthday Rewards: Customers who drop by the bakery on their birthday get a free cookie, as well as a 5% discount on their purchase.
  • Outreach Campaigns: Debbie let her customers know that they could stop by on International Donut Day for a free glazed donut and a small coffee.

Debbie also made use of CandyBar’s Outreach Campaigns feature to reach out to almost a thousand customers, to inform them of the bakery’s modifed operating hours during the Covid pandemic.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar is exactly what I need to run my bakery. The features help to make every customer feel special.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


One Stop Bakery

Debbie is delighted with how CandyBar helps bring her customers back in the door, making them feel special and part of a valued community.

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