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Paris Baguette:
Driving Customer Traffic

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By the Numbers

  • Rave Response: Over 2,000 customers signed up for their loyalty programs in the first few weeks from launch.
  • Over 10,000 stamps were earned in just a couple of months.
  • Customers are getting rewarded: Over 1,000 free hand-crafted beverages served in just a few months
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

Customers love CandyBar and ask for their stamps on every visit. Staff love CandyBar because it was easy to use.

- Marketing Lead, Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is an international brand of fast-casual bakeries, specialising in cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads and signature coffee and tea drinks.

As a global franchise boasting over 4,000 locations worldwide, Paris Baguette has stores in the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia.

The Challenge: Reward Loyal Customers & Drive Foot Traffic

The Paris Baguette marketing team was looking for a rewards solution to give something back to their many loyal customers. With 15 locations in Singapore, each bustling with customers everyday, the ideal loyalty solution needed to be able to keep up with their sales volume.

Also, with many staff members across all their outlets, the solution needed to be easy-to-use, with minimal training.

They chose CandyBar because they could quickly get up and running with a rewards program that served their needs.

The CandyBar Solution

Giving Back to Loyal Customers

To reward customers, Paris Baguette rolled out CandyBar's loyalty card feature. Customers earned a stamp for every $10 spent at any of their outlets. 5 Stamps could be redeemed for a free signature hand-crafted beverage.

Customers loved the loyalty program and responded eagerly:

  • 84% of customers have earned a reward.
  • A super-loyal customer earned 47 rewards with 124 store visits.
  • Over 1,000 loyal customers with 2 or more visits in just the first few months

CandyBar helped us track our customer data to drive more regulars to our outlets.

- Marketing Lead, Paris Baguette

Driving Repeat Visits

To drive foot traffic, Paris Baguette used CandyBar’s Promo Messages feature. The feature sends customers a promotional text message with a special deal they can redeem in store.

  • 15% of Customers clicked the link in the text message. Of these customers, 36% redeemed the coupon in-store.
  • Customers continued to redeem the deal for 5 weeks after the message was sent.

Targeted promotions via CandyBar helped drive more customers to our outlets.

- Marketing Lead, Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette successfully leveraged CandyBar to get customer data and useful insights that let them drive additional visits from regular customers.

Best of all, rollout was smooth - cashiers incorporated CandyBar into their routine easily, no special training necessary.

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