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Tokyo Chopped Salad:
CandyBar Case Study

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By the Numbers

  • 62% of all customers have 2 or more visits!
  • 4 in 10 customers have redeemed one or more rewards.
  • Tokyo Chopped Salad has given out 9 stamps per customer. One loyal fan even made 170 visits in less than a year!
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar has increased store sales by 5%. Better still, our customers love it.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

Shawn Tan

Store Manager, Tokyo Chopped Salad.

About Tokyo Chopped Salad

Tokyo Chopped Salad is Singapore’s first and only Japanese chopped salad concept - ingredients are sliced and diced into delicious mouthfuls, so you can enjoy the salad with just a spoon. The dressings and salad combinations were conceived by famed Japanese chef Teppei Yamashita.

The brand is located at a shopping mall in the centre of Singapore, frequented by crowds of tourists, shoppers and office workers.

The Challenge: Fierce F&B Competition

Tokyo Chopped Salad faced fierce competition, as the mall had 50-70 different F&B outlets competing for attention, including another owned by Chef Teppei.

The team also wanted to ensure there was a stream of regular customers from shoppers and office workers in the area.

The CandyBar Effect

Tokyo Chopped Salad introduced CandyBar at their outlet about 10 months ago, and hit 100 customers enrolled in just a few days. Customer earned a stamp for every $PLACE-HOLDER-INFO$.

Since launch, CandyBar loyalty app has tracked:

  • 62% of all customers are loyal, with 2 or more visits.
  • 4 in 10 customers have redeemed a reward - with 3 out of the 4 having redeemed 2 or more rewards!
  • One super-fan customer has made 170+ visits and redeemed 42 rewards!

Compared to paper punchcards, the Tokyo Chopped Salad team had visibility over customer visits in the dashboard. Best of all, customers love getting stamps, and always leave the store with a smile on their face.

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