We are pleased to announce great news: Candybar was awarded two accolades, Great User Experience award and the Rising Star 2018 award, from B2B review site FinancesOnline.

Candybar is a digital loyalty punch-card program for brick-and-mortar stores. Store owners can set up the digital loyalty program in minutes and increase repeat business, while customers can enjoy the full benefits of the card at any time without forgetting or misplacing their card.

Candybar Awarded for Great User Experience and Top Marketing Software

candybar awarded great user experience marketing software

Candybar awarded two awards for Great User Experience and Rising Star (Marketing Software)

FinancesOnline rated us extremely highly for user satisfaction at 98% in their review of review of Candybar. They also noted how cashiers could issue stamps quickly and ‘hassle-free’ with a single tap, as well as the ease of set-up and use.

We designed Candybar to be super-easy to use and set-up, with no hardware components, no downloads, and no tech-savvy. A key insight was the limited resources that small business owners had, especially in terms of time. That’s why we built Candybar to be set up in minutes, using any device, and requiring zero programming or coding. It’s also how we’ve managed to acquire customers from Twisted Donuts in San Francisco to 73@Hillcrest in Singapore.

Despite Candybar being less than a year old, we were also identified as a Rising Star and among the Top 500 in the hotly-contested Marketing Software products category. This is a huge category, with giants such as Hubspot and Magento.

FinancesOnline gathers reviews from customers and reports from experts to help millions of users compare and choose the right solution for their company every year.

Awarding A Rewarding Mission

We believe that the world is better with small businesses in it. Our vision is to create world class, enterprise-grade business software for brick-and-mortar stores, to serve small and medium business owners and help them deliver a better customer experience. We are honoured and pleased that our efforts have been recognised by FinancesOnline.

We will work even harder to win more awards and serve more businesses!

candybar awarded user satisfaction, great experience

If you would like to try our award-winning digital loyalty program, you can get more repeat customers with Candybar and set up in minutes with a free 30-day trial (no credit card).

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