Get more regulars walking into your store

Bring customers back a second, third, and even a seventeenth time with digital loyalty rewards.

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Why CandyBar?

We help your customers come back again & again

Reward customers who come back and turn new walk-ins into repeat regulars.

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I love hanging out with customers, getting to hear their stories. CandyBar makes this richer.

Joel, Founder, Mission Juice
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Ever since we used CandyBar, revenue has gone up 20-30%. A dollar makes everything change. If every customer spends a dollar more, then 100 customers will give you $100 more.

Necie, Outlet Manager, The Daily Cut
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My customers like it very much. Very easy to implement and quite user friendly. Consumers love it because they don’t have to download an app!

Shiya, Co-founder, Fruce
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How it works

CandyBar is an easy to use rewards program

CandyBar for customers

Rewards you can’t lose. No apps, no downloads. Rewards live in your customer’s smartphones so they can find it easily.

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CandyBar for cashiers

Just three taps. Our interface makes it super easy for cashiers to clear, even during rush hour.

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CandyBar for store owners

Know your customers. Who are your best customers? How many regulars this week? Track your business data from your dashboard.

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What you can do with CandyBar

  • Unlimited stamps and customers

    Built to grow with your business - keep giving out stamps

  • Instant customer feedback

    See customer feedback instantly on your dashboard

  • Track program performance

    See useful metrics like Top Regulars and Weekly Stamps

  • Real-time customer activity

    Track each new customer or stamp given as it happens

  • 24/7 customer support

    Get access to our amazing support team via Intercom

  • Reward expiry reminders

    Get customers coming back with reward expiry reminders

  • Customer referral program

    Customers can refer their friends to your store for more reward

  • Pre-paid

    Get pre-paid packages for cash-flow and customer loyalty

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