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The Evolution of Loyalty Programs: 17 Examples of Keeping Customers Coming Back

Loyalty programs aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for literally hundreds of years. And they remain popular — the average household participates in at least 14 loyalty programs. Tactics for...

/ July 5, 2021

The Five Customers You’ll Meet in Your Small Business (and how to turn them Loyal!)

33% of customers will choose your competitors over you — if they experience even one instance of bad service. What makes one business’ service better than the other? How can you...

/ May 31, 2021

Repeat Customers: How To Keep Your Most Important Patrons Coming Back

Getting repeat customers: it’s not rocket science, but it does take time and effort to cultivate repeat business. Of course, it is important to acquire new customers. But when you...

/ April 20, 2021

A Comprehensive List Of 50 Customer Loyalty Program Examples

Looking for a list of the best brand loyalty programs? We’ve trawled the Internet, hunting down a wide array of customer loyalty programs, brand rewards memberships and punch card programs...

/ April 20, 2021

Punch Card Apps: Go Digital with your Loyalty Program

Businesses have handed out punch cards for nearly as long as there have been car washes and coffee shops; hoping to reap the rewards of the most basic loyalty marketing...

/ April 20, 2021
loyalty card apps digital loyalty cards and digital card wallets

Loyalty Card Apps: How Small Businesses Can Boost Customer Retention

So you’ve heard about loyalty card apps. Maybe your customers have asked if you give out loyalty rewards. Or maybe enough customers have asked about a loyalty program, but you’re...

/ April 19, 2021
Uphill Designs-crafting products with a human connection

Dan and Mal, Uphill Designs: crafting products with a human connection

Dan Sedlacek had a passion for making things. This, combined with his love for hiking and a desire to honor his grandmother’s memory, pushed him to leave his stable career...

/ March 29, 2021

How to Increase Revenue for Small Businesses

Being able to increase revenue in a small business is one of those golden tickets that business owners love to hear, am I right? Running a business is hard work!...

/ March 22, 2021
Robyn Bradley, Handmade: working through anxiety as a business owner

Robyn Bradley, Handmade: working through anxiety as a business owner

Growing up with an engineer as a father, Robyn Bradley was encouraged to have an analytical mind. Robyn’s shop, Handmade in La Conner, Washington, is the result of a lifelong...

/ March 15, 2021
Kellie Phelan, The Works: building community at Seattle’s DIY School

Kellie Phelan, The Works: building community at Seattle’s DIY School

When a stressful career-related health crash sent Kellie Phelan on the search for more meaningful day-to-day, she discovered that her passion for making things by hand fulfilled her local community’s...

/ March 3, 2021