While we live in an era of digital art, there’s something still very charming and rustic about handlettered chalkboard signs.

Looking for some inspiration for your own chalkboard menu or signage? Here are some of our favorite examples from around the web!

1. Chalkboard menu from The World of Dot Cupcakes:

image: WorldofDOT

2. Chalkboard Menu from Taco Del Sol

image: TacoDelSol

3. Chalkboard Menu from Majestic Mountain Coffee Roasters

They’re based in Kingston, Washington.

4. Chalkboard menu, Green Store, LA

This was done by Jenny from Optimistically Green, a graphic designer. Check out her extensive chalk portfolio!

5. De Souvenir Beurs, Netherlands

This menu was done for the annual Souvenir Fair in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

6. Coffee signage, TheWhiteLime

This was made by Shannon Roberts of TheWhiteLime.

7. Traderspoint Creamery, Zionsville, Indiana

8. Gray House Studio Coffee

Looks like a store, doesn’t it? It’s not! This is a home coffee bar! Read all about it here.

9. Russian coffeeshop

The chalkboard design is popular all around the world, and Russia is no exception! This one cleverly uses a map style to give a sense of context and a bigger-picture perspective.

10. Chalkboard window display at Rugby Ralph Lauren

This is a display at Rugby Ralph Lauren’s men’s boutique on Bleecker Street, in Manhattan. This one was done by Dana Tanamachi of Tanamachi Studios.

11. Various chalkboards, by Christian Cantiello

These evocative chalkboard designs, according to Pinterest, are by Christian Cantiello, of Keystone Sign & Co.

Seen any other really great examples of chalkboard menus and displays? Let us know!



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