Matchaya is a Japanese confectionery and tea outlet in Singapore. They have two locations, one at Icon Village on Gopeng Street, and another at The Cathay. They also do popup stores from time to time.

The founders, Kaelyn Ong and Kevin Chee, tested the waters with several popup stores before taking the plunge and investing in physical locations. They had been inspired by a trip to Japan, and meticulously source all their ingredients from there.


Their venues all have a minimalist, wooden aesthetic, which is just one of the many signs of their overall commitment to delivering a great brand experience to their customers.

They’ve since gotten all sorts of rave reviews, and have become well-known for their great tasting tea-related goods. Several have said that their matcha soft-serve is the best in Singapore.

Source: sgexpatlife

Matchaya uses CandyBar – get 1 free soft serve for every 10 stamps!

If you have a soft spot for excellent soft-serve, you’re going to want to get in on this deal!

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