Mission Juice is a modern cold-press juice store in sunny Singapore, located at 12 Gopeng Street #01-29, along Anson Road at Tanjong Pagar. Their juices have been featured in articles on RunSociety and scene.sg.

Mission Juice has been in business for over 4 years, founded by Joel – a cheerful, independent entrepreneur who genuinely enjoys interacting with his customers.

Joel from @missionjuice 😎

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“It’s all about the service we provide,” Joel said when we asked him about how Mission Juice remained competitive despite all the new juice shops popping up in the past couple of years. “We know most of our regular customers by name.”

One side of Mission Juice’s brochure (source: missionjuice.sg)

Mission Juice uses CandyBar to run their loyalty program – 1 free juice for every 12 stamps

Lots of Mission Juice customers were asking about a loyalty program, so Joel decided to put one together. Initially, they were using physical loyalty cards, which they ordered in boxes of 100.

But then they learned about CandyBar, and they switched. Joel told us that they’ve definitely seen occasional customers come back more often since using CandyBar.

Mission Juice uses CandyBar to sell bulk vouchers / pre-paid discounts

When Mission Juice started out, they only sold cups of juice to passing customers. Over time, they started getting requests for deliveries, and even corporate clients and events – which has been a plus for their cashflow.

Prior to CandyBar, selling these ‘bulk’ pre-purchases involved taking out a bulky folder and writing down the orders manually.

Now, thanks to CandyBar’s Packages feature, customers can easily buy a large order of cold-pressed juice at Mission Juice in advance.

“It looks and feels really modern,” said Joel. “It’s easy to add and keep track of customers, and it’s pretty nice image-wise.”

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