Gone are the days when branded advertisements or television commercials were enough to get consumers to take notice of brands. Today, the need for authenticity is more than ever with people being more likely to trust top beauty influencers with a genuine voice rather than a well-known celebrity.

While most industries have adopted influencer marketing, the beauty industry seems to have benefited the most out of it. As per a recent report, for every $1.29 spent on influencers within the beauty industry in 2017, brands received an average return of $11.38 – now, that is a high ROI, isn’t it?

From tutorials and makeup DIYs to product reviews and giveaways – consumers engage better with the best makeup YouTubers, top beauty bloggers and top Instagram influencers because they offer real opinions and organically seeded content.

So, if you are thinking of working on a 60-second TV commercial for your new product launch, think again. It might be time for a change in strategy to find an influencer that will deliver results.

12 Top Beauty Influencers Dominating Instagram and YouTube

Are you a beauty or cosmetic brand that wants to spread brand awareness, reach out to new customers, promote a product launch, drive traffic or build reputation? Here is a list of influencers across Instagram and YouTube that you can partner with for your next campaign, including:

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@sonjdradeluxe, Sonjdra Deluxe

top beauty influencers @sonjdradeluxe youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @sonjdradeluxe
Instagram Followers: 1.1m

YouTube Channel: sonjdradeluxe
YouTube Subscribers: 868k

Sonjdra Deluxe, a “super-shy tomboy” in her growing up years is today a top beauty YouTuber and Instagram influencer. She regularly posts product reviews in the form of ‘first impression’ videos and does makeup tutorials on popular looks such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve, summer glam among others. Last year, Sonjdra collaborated with MAC cosmetics to create and launch her own limited-edition lipstick shade.

@cosmobyhaley, Haley Wight

top beauty influencers @cosmobyhaley youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @cosmobyhaley
Instagram Followers: 928k

YouTube Channel: Cosmobyhaley
YouTube Subscribers: 506k

A cruelty-free makeup artist and cosmetic tattoo artist, Haley Wight is a beauty and makeup YouTuber and Instagrammer. She reviews hair, skin and makeup products. From de-glam and easy to extra and dramatic looks – Haley shares a variety of makeup routines with her subscribers. She was also one of the finalists in the NYX Face Awards 2016.

@jaclynhill, Jaclyn Hill

top beauty influencers @jaclynhill youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Blog: http://www.jaclynhillmakeup.com/

Instagram Handle: @jaclynhill
Instagram Followers: 6.2m

YouTube Channel: Jaclyn Hill
YouTube Subscribers: 5.9m

No list of top Instagram influencers and beauty YouTubers is complete without Jaclyn Hill. Apart from the usual reviews and tutorials, Jaclyn regularly hosts Q&A sessions, letting fans into her world and connect with her on a personal level.

Being one of the biggest Instagram influencers and YouTube stars, it is no surprise that her brand collaborations have been immensely popular. After the successful launch of Becca Cosmetics’ Champagne Pop highlighter which is one of their best-selling highlighters and Morphe’s blockbuster product, The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette, she will be launching her own brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics on 30th May 2019.

@makeupshayla, Shayla

top beauty influencers @makeupshayla youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @makeupshayla

Instagram Followers: 2.8m

YouTube Channel: Makeupshayla

YouTube Subscribers: 723k

Shayla Mitchell is one of the best fashion and beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube. She shares her beauty secrets and makeup hacks with her followers. While her YouTube channel has in-depth videos, Instagram is where she posts teasers and fashion posts. Shayla is the brand ambassador of ColorPop Cosmetics and has also worked with Maybelline to create 3 new custom shades.

@lozcurtis, Lauren Curtis

top beauty influencers @lozcurtis youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Blog: https://laurencurtislounge.com/

Instagram Handle: @lozcurtis

Instagram Followers: 1.4m

YouTube Channel: Lauren Curtis

YouTube Subscribers: 3.5m

This 25-year old, Australian Instagram influencer and YouTuber might enjoy millions of fans on social media but that does not stop her from keeping it real. She posts honest product reviews and also touches upon topics such as body positivity and encourages transparency on social media by practicing it herself.

@jakejamie, Jake Jamie Ward

top beauty influencers @jakejamie youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Blog: http://www.thebeautyboy.co.uk/

Instagram Handle: @jakejamie

Instagram Followers: 554k

YouTube Channel: Jake Jamie

YouTube Subscribers: 32k

Now, here is a male beauty blogger who talks about makeup, skincare and DIY hacks that men would love to hear. Jake became popular after his online campaign, #MakeupIsGenderless took off and since then, there has been no looking back for him. Today with one of the best beauty blogs, he is a top instagram blogger and makeup YouTuber with several brand collaborations in his kitty. The most noteworthy one being L’Oreal UK’s first male spokesperson.

@sunnychannel, Sunny

top beauty influencers @sunnychannel youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @sunnychannel

Instagram Followers: 269k

YouTube Channel: Sunny’s Channel

YouTube Subscribers: 1m

This Asian beauty blogger is one of the top beauty bloggers on YouTube. Sunny is a 20-year old, South Korean vlogger who posts about all things beauty with a special focus on K-beauty. Her makeup transformation videos are phenomenal and are sure to leave you stunned. A popular collaboration of hers is with OnStyle, a South Korean television channel.

@kandeejohnson, Kandee Johnson

top beauty influencers @kandeejohnson youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @kandeejohnson

Instagram Followers: 1.8m

YouTube Channel: Kandee Johnson

YouTube Subscribers: 3.9m

If you are into beauty and cosmetic products, you ought to have come across Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel. This top beauty blogger also made it to Forbes’ top influencers list of 2017. Kandee is particularly known for the innovative makeup transformations – from Barbie doll to Disney princesses, she has tried it all. She also posts a lot of inspirational content and beauty hacks that fans are sure to relate to.

@vegas_nay, Naomi Giannopoulos

top beauty influencers @vegas nay youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @vegas_nay

Instagram Followers: 7.1m

YouTube Channel: Vegas Nay

YouTube Subscribers: 188k

A top beauty blogger, Naomi boasts of a huge fan following on Instagram. With 20 years of experience, this makeup artist is known for her extensive tutorials and hacks on her Instagram channel. She launched her own beauty products including Vegas Nay Lashes and Nails by Vegas Nay. Naomi also collaborated with Too Faced to launch a limited edition eye-shadow palette.

@christendominique, Christen Dominique

top beauty influencers @christendominique youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Blog: https://dominiquecosmetics.com/

Instagram Handle: @christendominique

Instagram Followers: 1.5m

YouTube Channel: Christen Dominique

YouTube Subscribers: 4.2m

Another popular fashion and beauty blogger, Christen Dominique is a popular face in the beauty space. Her fans enjoy a great mix of videos from celebrity looks and country makeups to tutorials and DIYs. Christen has worked with leading brands such as MAC, Avon, Sephora, L’Oreal and Urban Decay. She also has her own successful makeup brand, Dominique Cosmetics.

@msmelissa55, Melissa

top beauty bloggers influencers beauty bloggers over 50

Instagram Handle: @msmelissa55

Instagram Followers: 21.8k

YouTube Channel: Melissa55

YouTube Subscribers: 87k

Beauty has got nothing to do with age and YouTube beauty blogger, Melissa reaffirms that. A mother of 2 and grandmother of 6, this 64-year old beauty vlogger is raring to go. From talking about eye wrinkles and sharing her skin routine to giving hair tutorials – Melissa is a beauty blogger over 50 who inspires women to embrace themselves and age gracefully.

@desiperkins, Desi Perkins

top beauty influencers @desiperkins youtube instagram beauty influencer 1

Instagram Handle: @desiperkins

Instagram Followers: 3.8m

YouTube Channel: Desi Perkins

YouTube Subscribers: 3.2m

The last name on the list of influencers but certainly not the least, Desi Perkins started off as a fashion illustrator and makeup artist. Things changed overnight for her when a certain Halloween look went viral. Today, Desi boasts of an enormous fan following. She posts about fashion, beauty and all things in between. Desi has collaborated with Quay Australia, Dose of Colors and Maybelline to launch new makeup ranges.

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This list of influencers featuring top beauty bloggers, best makeup Instagram accounts and fashion YouTube creators is sure to help you plan your next influencer campaign and take cues from successful influencer collaborations done in the past. So, pick the right influencer that suits your brand’s budgets and needs to effectively reach your target audience and build trust.

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