One challenge that all shop owners face, including nail salons, is how to market their brand online and stand out from the competition.

Social media is the best way to engage with current customers and potential new customers by spreading brand awareness and showcasing what makes the nail salon so special. A consistent and quality online presence can make your business seem approachable, engaging and contactable. With the increasing use of social media in the industry it is vital that brands know how to connect with their customers. With that being said, here are a few nail salons in London who are clearly leading the way when it comes to their online marketing and this is how they do it.

Wah Nails 

Instagram: @wahnails

Instagram followers: 468k



For a small nail boutique, Wah Nails is well-known in London.  It’s famous for its quirky premises, funky designs and perfectly executed nails. Wah Nails is leading the way when it comes to nail salons, however, what makes it that extra special is the way they market their brand online.

Boasting an impressive 468k followers on Instagram, they’re certainly doing something right. But, what stands out about this brand is their unique designs that they regularly post across their social media accounts, which includes bright colours and quirky patterns. Their Instagram is a pleasure to browse, with its own unique style that is instantly recognisable – it shows exactly what the brand is about.

Nail’d It

Instagram: @wenaildit

Instagram followers: 84k


Nail’d It is a boutique nail salon that began in the South West of London and is founded by former fashion stylist, Donna Johnson. Along with its interiors, Nail’d It’s Instagram is pure luxury. With dreamy nail images, inspiring quotes and a stunning colour theme, it’s easy to see why their Instagram has an impressive following.

They post quality images almost every day that fit nicely into the pink tone theme that they’ve dreamingly created. It shows that having a theme works for their social media and their branding! Their nail art images have a great organic reach and high engagement numbers, which suggests that their audience is genuinely loving the inspiring images that are being posted and the brand. Nail’d It also regularly engages with and posts about pop culture and world events, showing a different dimension to their social media presence. They have posted content about events such as the Royal Wedding and the ever so popular UK reality TV show – Love Island to keep their followers engaged.

Hula Beauty Hackney

Instagram: @hulabeautyhackney

Instagram followers: 3.3k


Hula Beauty Hackney markets itself as a vintage retro nail salon with a seriously unique and dreamy interior.

The reason that Hula Beauty’s Instagram works so well is because it’s full of personality. The people behind the brand are the heart of the company and that’s why customers keep coming back, because of the personal images that are regularly posted, which followers love to engage with.

Their feed is full of colour and patterns, which makes it really stand out amongst other Instagram accounts and it makes it special, therefore, it’s understandable why there is a close-knit community of followers. The feed shows the interior of the salon, nail art, memes and also snippets of everyday life. There’s plenty of variety!

London Grace

Instagram: @LDN_Grace

Instagram followers: 7k



London Grace is an award-winning business which mixes nails, coffee and cocktails – the perfect combination!

London Grace’s social media presence, particularly Instagram, is strong. Their photographs ooze elegance and all their images have a bright feel to them, whilst all matching aesthetically. As the nail salon has a lot going on, so does their social media and there’s plenty of variety of images to keep followers engaged in the brand.

They post regular engaging images, as well as stories, to let their followers know what’s happening. Their feed also includes quotes, interiors and examples of their work.

House of Lady Muck


Instagram followers: 1.5k


House of Lady Muck is a nail studio in Hackney that offers manicures, pedicures and nail design to its customers.

With their Instagram, the personality of the brand brightly shines through. This is due to showing images of the people behind the brand and the fun side of the company. They do also beautifully show their portfolio, with images of nails they’ve worked on, as well as fashion campaigns. Followers can clearly see their portfolio in bright, engaging images which makes people stop and take notice and hopefully end up booking an appointment with them.

Shoreditch Nails

Instagram: @shoreditchnails

Instagram followers: 9.8k


Shoreditch Nails is a modern and dreamy space that offers contemporary nail art and classic shellac style nails.

Everything about their online presence oozes elegance. Their images are aesthetically pleasing and they consistently post with relevant hashtags to boost their following and engagement. They repost images, tag relevant people in their photographs and they have informative comments explaining what the nails are and who they’ve been done by. This makes things easy, as if a follower sees a nail design they love, they can ask for it – it’s the perfect way to market their designs. It also encourages positive interactions and to contact them using the information in the bio.

Ur Cheeky

Palm-anormal activity 💁🏼💗 📸: @jennaforman #URCheeky #CheekyNails #London

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Instagram: @urcheeky

Instagram followers: 15.2k


The Cheeky Parlour has all your beauty needs under one roof, however, what they are really known for is their Ur Cheeky nail brand.

The Ur Cheeky Instagram has an impressive 15.2 k followers and you can see why. The nail art images are displayed in a variety of different ways, which really sets the brand apart from other nail companies. It’s their unique selling point which works beautifully online and it markets their company as a fun and alluring brand. They also show the interiors of the salon and luxury lifestyle images that followers love to engage with. Their marketing strategy is pure and simple – to create and post luxury nail art images to really showcase their brand.

Skinny Dip London – The Nail Club

Instagram: @nailclub

Instagram followers: 5.5k


Located in the heart of Covent Garden, The Nail Club advertises itself as the ‘ultimate beauty hangout’. Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to your nails – this place can help.

When it comes to their online presence, they mainly post images of nails. Although there isn’t much variety in images, each image is completely different. They really market their nails and ensure that each image has individuality and character that makes followers interact and like their page.

They post on their Instagram regularly, with relevant hashtags, comments and a call to action to encourage people to book a nail appointment.

Reecey Roo’s Nail Art Bar

Instagram: @iamreeceyroo

Instagram followers: 30.6k

Reecey Roo’s Nail Art Bar is pure glamour. The nail salon claims to be London’s Best Nail Salon and they’re definitely doing something right as they have huge 30.6k followers

The Instagram features bright coloured nails, glam finishes as well as more subtle designs. When it comes to their nail designs, the salon has a varied portfolio and they’re showing it off to all of their followers. The intricate designs are what draws their customers in and it works as a fantastic marketing technique as they can showcase who they are as a brand and what they can do.

Dry Bar

Instagram: @drybylondon

Instagram followers: 25.5k



Dry Bar have got their social media profiles down to an art. Their Instagram has beautiful imagery, it’s uniquely set out and they have an aesthetically pleasing theme.

Their nails are displayed in every other picture, whilst the gaps are filled with hair shots and architecture. This adds variety to the theme that followers can enjoy and like. Each image receives hundreds and hundreds of likes, even with a minimum use of hashtags, as it seems that they have engaging followers that genuinely enjoy the luxury content that is put out on their social media channels.

However, what makes this marketing so special is the simple, yet, stunning visuals that the brand put out. It’s enticing and makes the company stand out on social media.

When it comes to the social media of these nail salons, they all have one thing in common; a strong brand presence. All the nail salon’s marketing is so simple, yet completely effective as they recognise that high-quality images, unique style and personality is what is going to set them apart from other nail salons around London. They have a strong social media strategy that works and will continue to work, to create an even stronger brand presence.

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