With lots of energy, buzz, high quality food, and incredible restaurants—Los Angeles (LA) is sure to have a long list of foodie bloggers. In LA, you’ll find some of the best foodies the world has to offer.

People want to know what they are eating. What restaurants they visit. What foods they like. By getting them to attend restaurant events, you can get people raving about your restaurant in no time. These LA Instagram Foodies are the best way to make your event or launch a sure success.

Disclaimer: We don’t take responsibility for any binge eating resulting from viewing the profiles of these Los Angeles Instagram Foodies.

Los Angeles Instagram Foodies

LA has its good share of foodie bloggers. That’s not surprising given the celebrity status LA enjoys and the richly diverse food the city has to offer. Here are 30 LA Instagram Foodies you should be adding to your guest list for your next big event:

LA Food Junkie

@foragela Crispy Chicken 🍗 Sandwich #lafoodjunkie

A post shared by LA Food Junkie 🍕🌭🍟🌯🍔🍺🍸 (@lafoodjunkie) on

Instagram: @lafoodjunkie

Instagram Followers: 236k

LA Food Junkie has to be the most popular LA food blogger. His Instagram feed is filled with food photographs only. Every place he visits, he tags the location and mentions the place. That’s makes it easier for users to find the restaurant reviews easily on Instagram. With such a strong following, this LA Instagram Foodies account can get your business growing with just one post.


Foodie on Fleek

Instagram: @foodieonfleek

Instagram Followers: 30.5k

Blog: https://foodieonfleek.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodieonfleek/

LA Blogger, Skyler from Foodie on Fleek loves a good food adventure. You’ll see her out exploring one restaurant after another in Orange County or LA. Skyler mixes up her Instagram feed with lifestyle, food and travel pictures. Her amazing pictures and the way she connects with her fans get her a strong following.


Daily Food Feed

Instagram: @dailyfoodfeed

Instagram Followers: 589k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dailyfoodfeed/

Jed from Daily Food Feed started as an LA Instagram foodie quite accidentally. He started experimenting for foodie hashtags for his clients and suddenly started receiving a lot of attention. He then created his brand image to create a business out his food photography and reviews. For any foodie blogger to be successful, honesty is important to get people to believe you and follow you. That’s how Jed did it.  Jed has a strong following for his honest feedback and mainly the ones he did on Starbucks. When he didn’t like Starbuck’s Pink Matcha Drink, he said so.

Drade Vs. Food

Instagram: @dradevsfood

Instagram Followers: 79.3k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dradevsfood/

If yours is a restaurant offering hearty, appetizing food, then Drade’s your guy to invite. It’s pretty clear from Drade’s Instagram account that he loves a. burgers, b. tacos. c. fries and an occasional dessert to balance it all out. Drade’s Instagram is populated with one delectable food photo after another of food, food, and more food.


Mai Eating Obsession

Instagram: @maieatingobsession

Instagram Followers: 35k

Mai Eating Obsession is Instagram account run by blogger and food junkie, Mai. Like most LA Instagram foodies, most of her pictures are flat-lay photography. She ups her game by composing the pictures to include a varied food palate- sauces, main dishes, appetizers, and sides. Mai has a very unique voice on her blog. Her captions have an element of wit and fun, enough to get her followers to comment and just like her.

Unlokt LA

Instagram: @unlokt_la

Instagram Followers: 30.6k

Blog: http://blog.unlokt.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unloktapp

Unlokt LA isn’t just another LA Instagram foodies account. It’s an app that covers all the popular and hidden gems of LA. If you want your restaurant alive on the internet, we suggest getting Unlokt to cover your restaurant on their app. For added buzz, you can get them to run a restaurant promotion for you. Their Instagram food palate is quite diverse. They cover mainstream restaurants to small neighborhood pubs.


LA Foodie

Instagram: @lafoodie

Instagram Followers: 119k

Blog: http://lafoodie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lafoodiepage

The name says it all. LA Foodie is a food blog run by husband and wife, Ben and Lisa Waters. Passionate about food, this duo loves to feature small, local restaurant in and around LA. To help promote the restaurant scene in LA, they do branded blog posts, sponsored Instagram posts and even giveaways.


Hungry in LA

Instagram: @hungryinla

Instagram Followers: 110k

Blog: http://www.imhungryinla.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HungryInLA

Passionate Foodie and Photographer, Eddie Sanchez combines them both in his blog, Hungry in LA. Born and raised in LA, Eddie knows LA better than most. Eddie enjoys a kind of celebrity status. He is featured in food magazines and other local magazines. If he raves about your restaurant, you’ll definitely enjoy a bigger footfall at your place. Eddie has also launched his own blog as an extension of his love for food, photography, and travel.

Caroline on Crack

Instagram: @carolineoncrack

Instagram Followers: 21.7k

Caroline from Caroline on Crack isn’t just any food blogger. She’s a cocktail writer. Her Instagram is solely dedicated to cocktails, and other boozy drinks. LA sure is crafty when it comes to mixing and creating drinks. Check out Caroline’s Instagram feed and you’ll be nodding your head. Her Instagram is a sure eye-opener for the wide and interesting variety of drinks in LA. From Aziz-Ansari-featured Negroni to boozy Cono Gelato, this foodie is adding a lot of selection to her Instagram feed. By focusing on a food niche, Caorline makes sure she’s always invited when a new pub or a new drink is launched. And be sure to invite her when you launch one at your restaurant.


Consuming LA

Instagram: @consumingla

Instagram Followers: 1,477

Blog: http://www.consumingla.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConsumingLA/

It seems that Howard Meyers from Consuming LA is literally out to consume the world. Meyer believes that LA is the king of the food scene in the US, above Chicago and New York. That’s what he’s set to prove. From sushi and ramen to BBA and bacon, this LA Instagram foodie will show you the best LA has to offer when it comes to food. Meyer is fairly new to the LA food scene, but he’s progressing his way quickly towards all kinds of restaurants in LA.

F Hood Book

Instagram: @fhoodbook

Instagram Followers: 39.9k

Blog: https://fhoodbook.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fhoodbook/

F Hood Book started as an answer to the ultimate foodie question, ‘What should we eat?’ This blog, soon to be an app also, offers you a chance to review and read reviews about your neighborhood restaurants. It explores the local and the popular. F Hood Book gives you a diverse food palate for not just LA, but also San Diego and San Francisco.


Food GPS

Instagram: @foodgps

Instagram Followers: 57.2k

Blog: https://foodgps.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodgps

Food GPS is the brainchild of foodie enthusiast, Josh Lurie. Lure is simply out to explore the best restaurants in LA and even beyond. Hailing from a foodie family, Lurie frequently eats out. And when he hits a restaurant he wants to come back to, he raves about it on his blog. Get your restaurant on the local’s wish list by getting Lurie to visit your place.


Dash of Les

Instagram: @dashofles

Instagram Followers: 5,150

Blog: http://dashofles.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dashofles

Leslie from Dash of Les, is a food, fashion and travel blogger. Les’s journey to blogging started when her husband gifted her a very unique birthday present- her own blog. Les’ Instagram pictures are very well put together. They have the same consistent feel. She synergises her images by using the same filters and exposures throughout. Les tips more towards healthy food. Her food palate has such an interesting blend of colours, that it’s hard not to be inspired by her food choices.


Hangry Diary

Instagram: @hangrydiary

Instagram Followers: 137k

Blog: http://www.hangrydiary.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hangrydiary/

Hangry Diary is the passion of two Hong Kong-born foodies, Justine and Jocelyn. Altering between LA and HK, these two are exploring new and classic restaurants in both places. They frequently host giveaways on their Instagram accounts to give their account and the restaurant’s Instagram account a boost.


The Stacey Sun

Instagram: @thestaceysun

Instagram Followers: 20.4k

Blog: http://www.thestaceysun.com/

Lifestyle blogger and food enthusiast, Stacey Sun is marketing professional by career. Stacey’s focus isn’t just on restaurants in LA, but the entire food industry in LA. She also promotes LA food bloggers, marketplaces, online stores etc. through brand mentions and sponsorships. Stacey brings a personal element to her social media presence by giving her glimpses of her family and herself. Stacey, herself, cooks up some amazing feasts so wow-ing won’t be a piece of cake.


Eats With Anthony

Instagram: @eatswithanthony

Instagram Followers: 60.7k

Blog: http://www.eatswithanthony.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eatswithanthony/

With a background in consumer marketing and a following of more than 60k, Anthony Lu could be your guy when it comes to building a strong social media following. Lu’s isn’t just another LA Instagram foodies account. He offers small business, and particularly restaurants, support to build their brand organically on social media.  Lu has recently started giving his food photography a twist by literally making his food jump. This can easily become a signature style- something to make his food photography stand out from the rest of the LA Instagram foodies.


Michelle W Park

Instagram: @michellewpark

Instagram Followers: 23.1k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellewpark/

Many of you might already know Michelle Park from her features in Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, Extra, Harry, Food Network Mom and also as a TV Host. Self-proclaimed ‘foodie with a big appetite’, Michelle is seen frequenting LA’s finest and its best. Park’s TV presence already gives her a celebrity status. That’s what restaurants can bank on when inviting Parks for a food review.

Eat With Kim

Instagram: @eatwithkim

Instagram Followers: 13.9k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EatWithKim/

Posting pictures of Troll ice-cream and Mickey Mouse pretzels, Kim loves an element of pop when it comes to foods. Kim, from Eat with Kim, seems to be rocking her life as a LA food blogger. She uses trends and special days to increase her account’s organic reach on Instagram. You’ll see her doing brand mentions on her posts for her sponsored posts.  This young, happy foodie will give you names for all the great restaurants digs in and around LA.


Ireney Winnie

Instagram: @ireneywinnie

Instagtram Followers: 12.6k

Ireney Winnie is a LA Lifestyle blogger, with pictures of food, fashion and travel and much more. Winnie is pretty active on her Instagram, posting 1-2 lifestyle pictures daily. Many of these are sponsored content. With her happy, merry style, Winnie gives many in LA some serious lifestyle goals.


Let Me Eat Cake

Instagram: @letmeeatcake

Instagram Followers: 88.6k

Blog: http://www.theletmeeatcake.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissLetMeEatCake/

Let Me Eat Cake is run by Nastassia Johnson, a native Angeleno. Johnson is a true foodie by nature. She’s always been hovering around the LA food industry. From co-founding Manila Machine, the first Filipino food truck in LA to running high-end restaurants, Johnson has managed to turn her food love into a career. On her blog, her niche is desserts. So be prepared for sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other delectable treats.



Instagram: @mattatouille

Instagtram Followers: 23k

Matthew Kang from Mattatouille has a very strong food industry background. This foodie multitasker is the editor at Eater LA, the owner of Scoops Westside Icecream and Host in K-Town, a foodie video series. With his credibility, anything he says about a restaurant could very well be the final verdict.


Jenn Harris

Instagram: @jenn_harris_

Instagtram Followers: 12.2k

Jenn Harris is another one of the big LA Instagram Foodies who know their way around the LA food scene. She ‘s the deputy food editor at LA Times Food and also runs her blog, LA Food Bowl. Inspired by Martha Stewart, Harris is always willing to try new foods or just any food. On her blog, Harris is passionate about raising awareness about food waste and to promote food sustainability.


Amie Tran

Japanese bento box for lunch 🍱

A post shared by Amy Thu Tran (@amietran_) on

Instagram: @amietran_

Instagtram Followers: 17.1k

Amie Tran is a fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle blogger from the creative capital of the world. Her pictures will get you drooling for Yakitori feast or just some lip-smacking cream cheese frosted churros. Tran careful composition and use of filters give her account a unique style signature.


The Irregular Lens

Instagram: @theirregularlens

Instagram Followers: 87k

The Irregular Lens is a foodie account maintained by Kristopher. If you’re on a low-carb diet, his is one LA Instagram foodies account you should be avoiding. Kristopher’s Instagram is focused mainly on hearty, filling food. If there’s a new joint in LA, Kristopher will be there. He occasionally gets invited to restaurant openings, to sample their menu and gram about it.


Two Dollar Tacos

Instagram: @2dollartacos

Instagram Followers: 16.5k

Blog: http://www.andychen.co/food

What will you expect when a photographer explores food cuisines in LA? Supernacular Wow-some Pictures. That’s what you see on Andy Chen’s Instagram. Andy mostly clicks flat-lay food photographs and uses filters to bring out their aesthetics. You’ll notice Chen uses a similar filter and exposure levels on his Instagram to create a cohesive synergy throughout his Insta profile.

Foodie X Bun

Instagram: @foodiexbun

Instagram Followers: 34.2k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Foodiexbun/

Janet Jen is the beautiful lady behind Foodie X Bun. There’s something in Jen’s profile to want to grab that box of pizza or the ice cream. Jen samples and posts a very diverse food palate on her blog. From Thai Food to the good old pizza, you’ll find this foodie really enjoying her foodie journey.


Tony Eats

Instagram: @tonyeats

Instagram Followers: 26.8k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tonyeatsla/

If you’re looking for an LA Instagram foodie with a taste for all kinds of cuisine, you should be following Tony Eats. You’ll realize how much diversity LA has to offer when it comes to food. And Tony Eats is sampling it all. As Tony eats his way through LA, there’s so much eye candy for us to feast on.


Miss Piggie Eats

Instagram: @misspiggieeats

Instagram Followers: 39k

Blog: https://misspiggieeats.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/misspiggieeats/

Foodie, Jennifer Yu started her blogging to share her love for food, dining and even shopping with friends and family. In just a few years, Jennifer was able to inspire people from all parts of LA and beyond.  She claims ‘she eats for a living’ and you’ll literally see her eating burgers, noodles and more on her Instagram account.

The Foodiesaur

Instagram: @thefoodiesaur

Instagram Followers: 17.2k

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefoodiesaur/

Food, fun, and travel. Fatema from the Foodiesaur is enjoying a life many can only dream of. This gorgeous diva has a knack for getting your taste buds drooling with her beautiful food photography and her equally tempting captions.


X3 Hoppie

Instagram: @x3hoppie

Instagram Followers: 6,615

X3 Hoppie is a fairly new LA Instagram foodies account. But equally competitive when it comes to taking Insta-worthy pictures. There’s an element of wit in X3 Hoppie’s Instagram Posts. That’s what makes her relatable with her followers. It gets them to connect with her and talk with her. And that’s what every restaurant should be looking for when they look for a foodie blogger, apart from tempting photographs.


From food trucks to fine dining, you’ll find a foodie suited just for your restaurant. These LA Instagram Foodies aren’t just your average foodies. They know how to create chatter about your event on the internet with just one carefully curated photo.  Get LA Town to talk about your event or new menu by engaging these Top LA Instagram Foodies.

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