Being a restaurant owner with an online presence, you understand the importance of online reviews quite well especially if it is on Yelp.

Yelp allows the loyal reviewers to spread the word about the good and bad experiences they had with any restaurant or food chain, enabling others to make an informed choice. A study presented by Harvard Business School clearly says – a one-star increase in Yelp rating corresponds with a 5-9% increase in revenue.

Whether you are new to Yelp reviews or already have an account, here’re 11 surefire ways that can help you grow positive reviews for your restaurant:

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1. Making Quality Service Your #1 Priority

If you want to encourage your customers for positive reviews, the first and foremost thing to be wary of is offering quality through your service. People cherish the experiences wherein they are heard and looked after properly.

You need to be attentive towards their requirements so that they can spend the real quality time at your restaurant. It will end up giving them a reason for coming back and, give positive reviews and recommendations about you.

2. Polish Your Yelp Profile Well

Showoff your business credibility through a strong online presence! Make sure you polish your Yelp profile with genuine information – especially the contact details, as many of the people pick up the contact number directly from such sites after reading positive reviews. People often book a table for special evenings with their significant others.

Be sure they can locate you – put right address and even a map for customer’s ease. The less trouble they will face; better will be the chances of positive reviews. Always remember, small things make a big difference!

3. Check Out Your Competitors’ Accounts

Though you have furnished your Yelp account well, it’s still feasible to have a look through your competitors’ account on regular basis. It will help you learn many new things to fetch customers’ attention. Additionally, you’ll get a good idea about the mistakes or flaws that you should strictly avoid.

Sneaking into different profiles will help you identify the best tricks that can work for you as well, and also the mistakes that you might need to quit on immediate basis. Keep monitoring your competitors so that you know what you’re up against.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward (Via Pictures)

The cliche “a picture says a thousand words” exists because it’s true. To leave a lasting impression on your customers, you should reflect the best you have through quality pictures.

Make sure you put the high-resolution pictures of your premium dishes, decoration, arrangement, and much more that compels customers to leave a comment or a fine review if they have already visited you.

5. Acknowledge Your Customers’ Reviews

Never ever let any customer review go unattended. Whenever your customers take their time to post something good about your restaurant, make sure you express your appreciation and gratitude to them – even if they have suggestions or criticisms!

Try to give them a personalized response instead of saying a simple ‘Thank-you’ every time. For example – if they leave you with a praising review for the fantastic party decoration, you can say, “Thanks. We’ll look forward to much more celebrations with you and your awesome family.”

6. Analyze Yelp Dashboard Metrics

A thorough look and analysis of Yelp Dashboard metrics can provide you more insights about your business best performance. It will also help you realize the scope of improvisation. If you had never used the dashboard feature offered by Yelp, you have surely missed many insights. Take a look the best and least revenue yielding time of your business so to strategize accordingly.

7. Explore Yelp’s Additional Features

In addition to the dashboard metric, Yelp offers many more features to business owners like using videos, slideshows, etc. One of the best things you can avail for your business is Yelp Deal, which allows you to offer discount coupons to your customers, old and new. It often looks enticing to the customer’s eye and encourages them to make visits even more frequently as they can save without giving up the joy of savoring mouthwatering dishes. This consequently leads to much more positive reviews.

8. Publicize Your Restaurant’s Page

In order to get your restaurant page more recognition, you should promote it everywhere including your website and social media accounts wherever you are connected with your customers.

The most common reason that many businesses don’t get customer reviews because they aren’t visible to their customers. So, work on your page’s online visibility; it is very important folks!

9. Drive Your Social Media Traffic to Yelp

Social media is an instant medium to get in touch with your target audience in a comparatively lesser period of time. If you have managed to get good traffic on your social media pages, then half of your job is done.

All you need to do is link your Yelp profile with the social media posts, encouraging customers to leave their feedback. It’s time to make best of your social media presence for getting genuine customers’ reviews.

10. Deal Calmly with Negative/Fake Reviews

If you have a good online presence, you may be the unfortunate victim of negative and fake reviews from unsavory competitors. You should learn to handle them calmly. And even if they are genuine negative reviews, you should respond with sincerity.

An aggressive, overly defensive response could harm your business reputation online – after you’ve taken such great pains to build it! Stay cool and come out with the best response that satisfies your customers’ concern without damaging your image.

11. Try Paid Advertisements

Yelp has yet another advantage for business owners i.e. the paid advertisements to bring their business into the limelight. Just like PPC, paid advertisements can be used for instant results if carried out appropriately. You can try these for the months you’re not able to meet your business goals in.


Yelp reviews can get your restaurant business on the top, boosting its presence and revenue online.

All you need to do is let your customers experience the best – be it your service, acknowledgment, or photo gallery. Maintain your Yelp account regularly to maintain your online reputation firmly!


Posted by Pawan Sahu

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