6 Ways Facebook Can Help Attract Customers to Your Spa

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Spas are brick and mortar establishments that primarily depend on customer footfall for business ROI. However, in the digitally driven, highly technological world, they don’t necessarily have to, especially not with Facebook around.

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook engages and brings together essentially the entire world. People usually use it to keep in touch with friends and family, but a large portion of the platform is also dedicated to allowing businesses to promote their products and services in order to increase their sales.

Most spa owners are under the impression that using Facebook to attract customers is limited to large corporations or major brands that have the power, potential, and resources to engage clients via social media. The fact is, even small corner storefronts are using and profiting through Facebook quite successfully.

And so can you.

Here’s how.

Use Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads

Here we’re assuming that you already have established a Facebook page for your business and are somewhat proficient in using it for marketing purposes.

Now, Facebook has a wonderful little option for businesses that allows them to create sponsored ads for their targeted demographic. Facebook ads are basically your own posts that you pay Facebook to promote for you – at a minimal price – to an audience of your choosing.

The effectiveness of Facebook ads for increasing customer footfall at your spa is demonstrated in the fact that the platform allows businesses to run ads targeted to reach the audience residing nearby their location.

All those people who live within a set miles radius from your spa will automatically see a coupon, discount deal, or any other engaging post from your business on their Facebook news feed, effectively marketing your spa to an approachable audience.

Think Influencer Marketing

Think Influencer Marketing

As a spa owner, you might be used to collaborating with big skincare or beauty product brands for mutual benefits. You can do the same thing and benefit from your association within the industry through influencer marketing via Facebook.

A little while ago, brands would send sponsored products to some influencers who would write/talk/mention about them on their various social media platforms, effectively marketing the brand to their audience. However, the brands were not able to use any of the content for their own marketing purposes and had to rely on natural traffic generation.

Facebook has changed its algorithms, now allowing brands to boost the influencer-generated content directly to their demographic to increase their reach. You can benefit from this feature by creating engaging content for any particular brand that you support on your Facebook profile, and have the brand scale its reach directly to their own target audiences, effectively marketing your business at the same time.

Share Customer Reviews

Share Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews on loyalty programs matter a great deal to spas. That is because positive reviews garnered by satisfied clients serve as testimonials of the services offered at a place of business. The more positive and glowing a review, the more likely it’s going to positively influence the audience into reaching out and visiting you to avail the same services.

The digital loyalty program generator, Candybar.co, allows merchants to directly share their client’s positive reviews and encouraging feedback with their audience on Facebook through a click of a button.  

Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Facebook, one of the most effective marketing platforms, makes it easy for customers to directly engage with brands or business pages. However, for maximum engagement, businesses, especially spas, need to be consistent and creative when curating engaging content.

Consistency, because if you don’t post regularly, you’re probably not going to show up on your audience’s news feed. Creativity because only so many people will continue to like your posts if you only post an odd picture every now and again.

Consider creating interactive content that entices clients to directly engage with your brand and help them get to know you better. We’re talking best-of polls with reward services, contests, Facebook discount deals, and coupon codes shared exclusively with the most loyal Facebook customers.  

Essentially, you want to focus on creating Facebook content that appeals to your demographic, cajoling them into visiting your place of business.

Consider Video Marketing

Consider Video Marketing

Facebook marketing is a very powerful tool that drives an amazing amount of traffic to spa businesses, especially when it’s used to its full potential. Video marketing is just one way to maximize the potential of your spa’s Facebook page.

Visual storytelling – one that can convey a visually enthralling message – is known to fare considerably better than any other type of content combined.

Video marketing includes both creating compelling videos for your spa and hosting regular live videos through the Facebook Live option to give your audience the chance to virtually experience your services before venturing in-store. You don’t have to limit yourself to just showcasing clients availing different relaxing treatments at your spa. You can just as well do a live session, or create an animated video that talks about the latest relaxation techniques or products you may be using.

Delegate Facebook Marketing Tasks

Delegate Facebook Marketing Tasks

Facebook can do much to help attract customers to your spa. However, there’s no limit to emphasizing the fact that it only happens when Facebook marketing is done right.

Oftentimes, spa owners think that they can handle everything themselves – after all, it’s only social media, right? How hard could it possibly be?

The fact is that successful Facebook marketing is not an easy job and often requires the professional touch, especially because it requires consistent consumer interaction for effective results. We’re talking posting comments, replying to messages, setting up appointments, communicating with the clients, responding to the reviews, sorting out grievances, and more.

If you don’t think that you can effectively manage Facebook interactions on your own, delegate and divide different tasks amongst the members of your team, or outsource the charge of your Facebook page to a freelance marketer to manage it for you. Either way, think about taking on help to drive traffic.

Take marketing via Facebook seriously, and you’ll automatically see an immediate boost in customer movement at your spa!

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