It’s time for a new feature!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the relationship CandyBar merchants have with their customers.

Up until now, traditional text messages have been the primary mode of interaction between CandyBar merchants and their customers.

While text messages do have their benefits – minimal requirements, easy to manage, and so on – they’re also a little old-fashioned.

So now we’re putting together a new option for our Merchants: a Messenger Bot!

We call it CandyBot. It’s an additional way for your customers to interact with your store’s loyalty program.

Why make a Messenger chatbot?

  1. Responsiveness – chatbots can make your customers feel like they’ve gotten a near-instant response to their query.
  2. Choice – a chatbot can give your customers a range of options to choose from can answer basic questions and requests that a user types out, though they can also offer different selections to choose from.
  3. Modern – They can send images, text, and “rich bubbles” which are clickable actions
  4. Non-aggressive/spammy – Chatbots can be conversational, and allow customers to control the interaction at their own pace

With CandyBar, we want to make the user experience for customers of small businesses feel modern and easier-than-ever to use, and fit the natural behavior of the customer.

How does CandyBot work?

When your customers signup for your loyalty program via CandyBar, they’ll receive a text message letting them know about their stamps:

If they click on the chat link, they’ll be brought to CandyBot’s Messenger page:

If they choose to Get Started, they’ll begin a chat with CandyBot:

And that’s it! It’s super natural and intuitive.

Your customers will be able to message CandyBot on Facebook Messenger to…

Check on the status of their loyalty cards:

Give you direct feedback about their experience:

And more soon!

We’re making sure that CandyBot gives your customers a fun, pleasant experience – and we’ll be continuing to add features and improvements as we go.


Posted by Visakan Veerasamy

Visa is CandyBar's blog editor. He's a 3-time Quora Top Writer, and he's working on a project to write a million words. Hopes to someday enjoy a glass of scotch from beyond the Earth's atmosphere.