Running a small business is incredibly difficult. As the owner, you handle every aspect from recruitment to accounting, from budgeting to marketing.

Most people are employees, not owners; they don’t understand the struggles of small biz owner, or what it’s like to worry about how to reduce costs and how to increase revenue.

Luckily, there’s help – people have dealt with similar problems and discussed them in small business management blogs.

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to some of the best blogs for small businesses, including a couple of surprises. Now read on!

Best Small Business Blogs – Our Favorites 

1. Kabbage Blog

This small business blog presents complex ideas for small brands in a way that’s easy to grasp. Kabbage blog focuses on the accounting and finance aspects of running a business.

Discussing subjects like bookkeeping books and top tax for small business owners, budget-friendly marketing strategies and tips, and how online retail will be affected by internet sales tax.

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2. Small Biz Survival 

Small Biz Survival is a small business blog geared towards helping brands in rural locations grow. The blog discusses small-town businesses via how-to articles with an emphasis on using social media for marketing.

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3. CandyBar Blog 

candybar small business blog restaurant marketing

Call me biased, but I think the CandyBar blog’s pretty neat – even though I work on it!

We write articles about small business marketing, share cool restaurant marketing concepts and even have a special series, Merchant Stories, which profiles small business owners, their struggles and successes. We’re always writing new content, so be sure to check out our resources!

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Small Business Marketing Blogs 

4. MarketingProfs

Ann Handley’s MarketingProfs is simply amazing if you’re looking for a digest of fresh marketing news, ideas, and tips to grow your business. The goal of MarketProfs is to inform the contemporary marketer via practical data and examples. To access their top content you’ll need a PRO membership.

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5. Social Media Today 

Every small business owner knows the power of social media and that they should be marketing on it – but knowing how to measure engagement, build a presence and convert social media prospects into leads and then customers are a bit complex.

Social Media Today gives amazing strategies and tips via stellar articles that help you get the best out of your social media investments.

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6. Duct Tape Marketing

Led by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing blog discusses quality tips for small business owners that are “duct-taping” their marketing and sales together and want better results for growth.

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Small Business Leadership Blogs 

7. Tanveer Naseer 

This blog is led by Tanveer Naseer, an award-winning speaker, writer, and coach who is passionate about helping executives and managers build practical leadership skills.

His blog focuses on leadership and answers the leadership questions every small business owner asks. And compels readers to evaluate their leadership processes and styles for improvement.

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8. Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog 

The Jesse Lyn Stoner of Seapoint center blog is a leadership experts network aimed at helping leaders build themselves and learn with an emphasis on success, stewardship, and networking.

The blog was created by Jesse Stoner, a former executive, life coach, bestselling author, and business consultant. Jesse shares her insights, and tips for attaining success as a leader.

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9. Leading with Trust Blog 

The leading with trust blog is led by Randy Conley who is the author and vice president of Client Services and Trust.

Randy has received a lot of awards like the top 100 thought leaders across America and has invested his time into sharing his passion for accountable leadership with executives and managers across the globe.

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Small Business Finance Blogs 

10. Small Business Bonfire 

Small business bonfire blog informs small business owners about various aspects relevant to managing a business. The blog has everything for all types of business owners and if you’re searching just for financial information they have a section dedicated to it.

You can also find more information on online marketing tips, and running a business online, amongst the various categories.

That said, in the financial section you can find information on how to know when your business is in deep financial waters and how to get out of them and how to transfer financial data from spreadsheets to other platforms.

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11. Fora Financial Blog

Funding a business is a complex subject and as a result the fora financial blog helps small business owners with actionable tips and strategies on the various funding options available and how to pursue them.

The blog also covers information on credit card reviews and budgeting tips as well as credit card scores.

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12. Business Credit Blog

If you’re searching for how to fund your business initiatives and how to establish your business credit, Business Credit Blog can help. They have tons of articles with tips and strategies on how to achieve this.

The blog is led by Marco Varbajo whose goal in creating the blog in 2005 was to take out the confusion related to establishing business credit.

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Women Entrepreneur Blogs

13. Leaders in Heels

Founded by Keyshia Gospos the Leaders in Heels blog was created to inspire, empower, and nurture female executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. This blog interviews successful women entrepreneurs in various industries globally.

You can also find career lessons like boosting self-confidence and overcoming mediocrity.

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14. Women 2.0

If you have a technology-related business you don’t want to skip the woman 2.0 blog as it covers a huge range of topics including fundraising, technology, politics, startups, etc.

The site has also launched Lane, a platform that connects female talents with jobs and recruiters to the top levels with firms like Twitter, Craigslist, and BlackRock amongst others.

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15. Classy Career Girl

Created to help women build fulfilling careers the Classic Career Girl blog has advice in everything from ensuring productivity while you commute to business card etiquette.

For businesswomen who are time-strapped, this is a must-see. Plus, if you are looking for some inspiration they offer web boot camps in subjects like side hustles, networking to get opportunities, and time management.

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Small Business Recruitment Blogs 

16. ZipRecruiter 

Ziprecruiter blog offers strategic content on his recruiting category on how your small business blog can engage, source, and get the top talents in any industry.

Whether it’s getting answers to questions like what helps your recruiting efforts or how do you get the best of the best into your team. Ziprecruiter has the right answers for you.

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17. AngelList Blog 

The Angelist blog has some amazing insight into how early-stage funding companies and startups can improve recruitment processes. It doesn’t get updated frequently, but most of the content featured can be used right away.

So if you’re focusing on helping start-up tackle problems related to their recruitment needs or if you are in a company recruiting for opportunities at a small business you may want to see what this blog has to offer.

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18. Glassdoor Blog

The Glassdoor blog has super actionable and practical content on creating a successful small business brand.

While you may not necessarily be interested in branding, it’s amongst the most powerful ways to attract top talent to your company. As if they’re so many negative views about your business you may not be able to pull in quality talent because they won’t trust your business.

With the tips you’ll get from glassdoor you can work hand-in-hand with your hiring managers to attract the best talent to your business.

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About Entrepreneurship & Being a Small Business Owner



The funnily-named is a modern version of “Small Business For Dummies”. It can be refreshingly candid and has lots of entry-level information that’s quite easily accessible.

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For Entrepreneurs has a bit of a tech startup focus, but the clarity of thinking about marketing and business thinking is useful to any business owner operating at any scale.

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21. Young Upstarts

Young Upstarts is a small business blog that focuses on writing stories and thought leadership articles that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, become better in their industry.

The blog has a special affinity for displaying content that showcases young people and their roles in impacting the world with their services, products, and ideas.

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(BONUS) Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin runs one of the longest running and most popular marketing blogs online. He’s been writing for over a decade now, and constantly presents thoughts that are interesting and challenging. Lots of thought experiments, sometimes outright philosophical.

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What are your favorite small business blogs?

Let us know, and if we like them, we’ll include them!

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