CandyBar Merchant Stories – Entrepreneur Interviews from Small Business Owners

CandyBar Merchant Stories: our series about small business owners, their successes and struggles. Real stories from real people. We release a new one every other month.

CandyBar Features: Featured Merchant Stories:
  1. Shie Boon, MOVE Academy: Starting a Movement
  2. David, CakeFlix: Discovering who he could become
  3. Sinclair, Jazz Inc: Life’s too short not to pursue your passion
  4. Emma, Riff Raff & Co: Successfully juggling business & family
  5. Dexter, Mula Cake: Keeping youth off the streets
  6. Anna, Charlie’s Project: Businesswoman chooses son over career
  7. Jay, Roll Play Lounge: Embracing his Artistic Side to Grow his Business
  8. Inez, Kittea: Taking the Path Less Travelled – to Success
  9. Ginny, Shoe Mo: Finding Her Own Way
  10. Joel, Mission Juice; Finding Fulfilment by Being Boss

Featured Candybar Merchant Stories

Our newest and best entrepreneur interviews – from small business owners.

MOVE Academy: Starting a Movement

Shie Boon dropped out because school was restrictive. At 25, he took over a parkour school to realise his vision of holistic education.

“Be strong to be useful.” – Shie Boon, Merchant Stories: MOVE Academy


CakeFlix: Discovering who he could become

David’s job was turning him into a machine. Joining his partner’s bakery gave him the chance to discover who he really was.

“So many people are held back by limiting beliefs. Their fear of failure outweighs their goal of achieving.” – David, Merchant Stories: CakeFlix


Jazz Inc: Life’s too short not to pursue your passion

Personal tragedy led Sinclair to realize that ‘life is short’. He struck out on his own to pursue jazz, and he has never looked back.

“Life’s too short.” – Sinclair, Merchant Stories: Jazz Inc


Riff Raff & Co: Successfully Juggling Business & Family


Emma started a business to contribute financially to the family. Starting her own business helped her take better care of her own family, as well as other families.

“When I see the posts and emails from mummas getting even just a little bit more of that precious sleep thanks to these guys, it makes it all worthwhile.” – Emma, Merchant Stories: Riff Raff


Mula Cake: Keeping Youth off the Streets

candybar merchant stories mula cake dexter simms mula cake hub


He wanted to keep the youth off the streets and out of crime. Dexter started a business to become a role model and inspire them.

People think the more successful you get the more famous you get. No, the more successful you get, the more change you can make.” – Dexter, Merchant Stories: Mula Cake

Charlie’s Project: Businesswoman chooses son over career


Charlie was born with Autism and Down Syndrome. Starting her own business let Anna provide for Charlie while always having time for him.

“The experience made me a better mother and a better business owner.” – Anna, Merchant Stories: Charlie’s Project

Roll Play Lounge: Embracing his Artistic Side to Grow His Business

candybar merchant stories roll play game lounge jay

He worked 14 hour days. He forgot how to sing. Finally, he started his own business to pursue something for himself: sharing his love for board games.

“I describe myself as a Recovering Workaholic,” – Jay, Merchant Stories: Roll Play Lounge

Kittea: Taking the Path Less Travelled – to Success

inez lim kittea candybar merchant stories curious tea mykittea

Her boss wanted to promote her. Her parents wanted her to keep going. Instead, she quit and found her own path to success.

“I only have to prove it to myself: How far can I go?” – Inez, Merchant Stories: Kittea

Shoe Mo: Finding Her Own Way

shoe mo ginny truc to candybar merchant stories finding her path

Alone in a foreign country, she quit her job and started a sneaker laundry empire.

“Be the change you want to see!” – Ginny, Merchant Stories: Shoe Mo

Mission Juice: Finding fulfillment as his own boss

candybar merchant stories - mission juice joel lee cold pressed juices


Corporate hotshot quit his job to work seven days a week: just to be his own boss.

“It could’ve been any business – To be honest, I just didn’t want to work for someone else.” – Joel, Merchant Stories: Mission Juice

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Candybar Case Studies

Happy merchants who have used CandyBar to solve their problems

Benefit Cosmetics: Making Customers Smile

candybar case studies benefit cosmetics brow bar loyalty program prepaid bundle beauty service

“Customers love CandyBar. They made sure to get their stamp after every visit.” – Kenneth Ong, Assistant Regional Digital Marketing Manager @ Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics also ran an ad campaign to sign up new customers. Said Kenneth:
“The Free Sample helped get many new customers to sign up. CandyBar’s PrePaid Bundles Feature made it easy to manage giving out the reward.”
Read more about how CandyBar drove new sign-ups in the Benefit Cosmetics case study here.”

The Daily Cut: Long Queues of Loyal Regulars

candybar loyalty case study the daily cut salad singapore

“Ever since we used CandyBar, revenue has gone up 20-30%” – Necie, Store Manager @ The Daily Cut.

MK Wine & Liquor: Long term loyalty

candybar loyalty case study mk wine liquors colorado spirits shop

MK Wine & Liquor has been using CandyBar for 2 years and counting!

Plain Vanilla: Delighting regulars, creating a communal space

candybar loyalty case study the daily cut salad singapore

CandyBar helped drive store visits. Our stores became places where people could visit every day. – Ning, Communications Associate

Fruce: Fresh Juice, Fresh Smiles

candybar loyalty case study fruce fresh juice singapore

“I can see on CandyBar who are my regulars. They keep coming back, and sales are up.” – Roxie, Store Manager @ Fruce.

Tokyo Chopped Salad: Store Sales Up 5%

candybar loyalty case study tokyo chopped salad

CandyBar has increased store sales by 5%. Better still, our customers love it.” – Shawn, Store Manager @ Tokyo Chopped Salad.

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More Candybar Merchant Stories

PoPPy Flora & Nature Studio: Letting her authentic style grow and bloom

Poppy Flora Studio


Sarah Lim doesn’t do free flowers, doesn’t copy anyone, and doesn’t do 12-rose-bouquets. She stuck to her beliefs and her personality — and built her flower business empire.


The Milky Way: A Family Business that treats you like Family

the milky way sg - candybar merchant stories -- family business


Some like their ice cream waffles with a little melt; others like them separate. At The Milky Way, they remember how you like it, and it’s why their customers treat them like family. 

Shukuu Izakaya: How Manga-Fans used Educational Selling to grow a Sake bar

shukuu izakaya educational selling candybar merchant stories vulcanpost


To impress a girl he liked, Luis of Shukuu Izakaya fell in love with Japanese culture, manga and sake – so much so he wanted to share his passion.


How Park Bench Deli Made Their Mark by Staying True to Themselves

Park Bench Deli - Get Grub via HonestyInvited to a fancy food festival, they decided instead to offer PB&J sandwiches. And now they’re famous for it.


Twilight Drinks & Galaxy Cakes: How Boufe Cafe conquered Instagram


“How can I tempt my customers to pay for a Uber ride and come all the way to Phoenix Park to eat at my cafe?” asked Sean of Boufe

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