With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many businesses are creating packages that would entice both happily single and loving couples to visit them. What better way to relax with or without your significant other than through a relaxing massage?

Massages are a surefire way to elevate your mood and take off from the daily grind. It is probably the best ending to a simple valentine’s celebration or even a jam-packed one. Aside from Christmas and other peak seasons, this should be a season of focus for wellness service businesses.

How To Formulate the Best Valentine’s Wellness Spa Packages for Customers

With promotions appearing left and right from competitors and even other similar industries, you would want yours to be the one grabbed by your target customers. Aggressive but smart marketing efforts should be undertaken to make the most out of this opportunity. When done right, this will boost up your sales significantly.

Through showing you examples of previous actual spa campaigns, a bit of a marketing crash-course and tips on the right way to package, you are well on your way to attract not just existing, but a whole new range of interested customers (may it be young professionals celebrating in groups, families, and even retired couples) that may increase your market share in the long run. We have summed it up for you.

Here are some words of advice to make a successful Valentines spa package.

1.   Know Your Market

Know Your Market

  • What group of customers are you willing to offer your services?
  • What is its niche market?
  • Are you geared towards millennials?
  • Or are you leaning towards the older spectrum of the market?

In choosing a right market to serve, most companies profile their customers to create a good management decision. Considering their Demographic data (age group, gender, nationality, etc.) and psychographic data (behavior, customs, and beliefs) helps to address their preferences and concerns.

If you still do not know your market, make sure to create different avatars of your desired customers. For example, you can have an avatar for singles, for young couples, for married couples, and even for families. After determining these avatars, you can create packages for each avatar and whichever sells the most this Valentine’s will be on your must-haves packages for this season.

Likewise, if you already know who is your target market, you can just create different variations of the packages and closely observe which sells the most.

2. Provide Variations In Your Packages

Provide Variations In Your Spa Packages

For the couples, you can include day spa packages, couples massage, hot stone massage, you name it.  To do something special for day spa packages, you may give your patrons some roses. You may also add a glass of wine or chocolates for couples. Think of varied products that would entice your target market (or even beyond your target) to book instantaneously.

You should also not forget the singles during this season. Singles are known to be a lucrative market during Valentine’s day. In fact, the Metroplex Cinema from Hong Kong took advantage of this target market last 2017.

Metroplex offered a single-seating only for some of their cinemas during that day. This is a very neat idea since singles won’t be ashamed to treat themselves for a movie during Valentine’s. Plus, it offers inclusivity to everyone.

3. Always Include A Value-Added Product

People would always look for the business’ top-rated product. Of course, it would not reach that spot if it is not popular among your other clients. If your Swedish massage is the most bought service in your spa, you can offer that to all your Valentine’s day packages with a discount. If you have a top rated but expensive body scrub for couples, maybe you can do a promo of buy one take one.

Your value-added product should also be competitive with other top products provided by other spas.This product should have something unique that your market would prefer to purchase over others that are similar. You can’t expect to offer a basic couples hot stone massage at a higher price and expect your customers to still choose your spa rather than going to another spa that offers the same service who also offers a free facial.

4.  Be Aggressive In Selling Your Product Online

Be Aggressive In Selling Your Product On Social Media

Are you active in your social media account? If not, now is the time to be seen online. Increase the traffic to your site through re-posting pictures of satisfied customers through your official social media accounts (with their permission of course). By doing so, it will lead to increased interest in your products, especially for your upcoming Valentine’s Day packages!

Furthermore, you can think of an online marketing strategy for unveiling your specialized Valentine’s Day packages. Spark interest in your target market by adding posts of one spa package per day. Add why they should be booking that package right now.

5. Don’t Delay

There’s less than a month before Valentine’s day. You should not put off another day before starting to create your own Valentine’s Day packages for your spa business.

If you will take into consideration the all aforementioned advice in this list, there is actually a lot of work involved before the actual day itself. From brainstorming for the packages to the marketing of the products.

Example of Spa Packages

If you are still stuck in a slump, we are here to help you out. We put together a list of some of the best Valentines spa packages around the country, just to give you an idea to come about with your own packages.

How To Formulate the Best Valentine’s Wellness Spa Packages for Customers

Viva Day Spa

This spa, located in Austin, TX, offers a wide variety of valentine’s spa packages for its customers.

What We Love About Their Packages

What makes this spa stand-out is their wide variety of packages, from day to night. Furthermore, they provide packages for both individuals and couples.

Viva Day Spa

Image Credit: Viva Day Spa Website

For individuals, they have packages that can last for an afternoon (imagine pampering yourself for 6 hours)! It is a head-to-toe experience you can definitely take inspiration from.

It is important for businesses to provide free items for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. This spa definitely took note as they also offer chocolates to some of their packages.

Clients can choose to upgrade their packages to include facials or pedicure.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa is located in Larchmont, Los Angeles, California.

What We Love About Their Packages

Though most packages are marketed towards couples, they really got their creative juices flowing! This is a plus because they thought of naming their packages after famous romantic movies. Examples include Love Actually, The Notebook, and the Princess Bride.

Aside from that, they created a special facial massage just for Valentine’s Day. Limited time offers usually work because customers would want to try special services.

Omni Oasis

Omni Oasis is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What We Love About Their Packages

Valentine’s Day is definitely for everyone! If you’re thinking of packages for single people who will head out for an evening with friends, their rejuvenating and pampering package is a perfect example.

Omni Oasis

Image Credit: Omni Oasis Website

They also have packages for couples. This package went the extra mile by providing gastronomical delight to their customers. Not only are they offering chocolates, but they also give away a cheese and fruit plate and champagne for two. If you want to be distinct from the rest, this should be taken note of.

These are only some spa retail places that are really put a lot of effort into creating their Valentine’s Day spa packages. If you also want to be a part of this elite few, it is not that hard to make it as well.


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