We noticed a really interesting thing that happened recently – our users Happy Cat Coffee recently received a great review via CandyBar’s customer feedback feature.

Many of our users regularly receive nice messages like this, and share them with their teams on their private WhatsApp channels and so on.

HappyCat Coffee even shared it on their Facebook page:

We realized that this is something that merchants will want to do: share the positive reviews that they get from customers.

So we’ve built a “Share Review on Facebook” feature into CandyBar. This allows merchants to do what Happy Cat Coffee does, in a more elegant and seamless way.

Here’s how it works. When you get a review, you’ll receive an email from CandyBar. You’ll now also have a “Share on Facebook” button attached:

Which will then bring you here – and you can fill out your own added comment as you like.

Happy sharing!


Posted by CandyBar Team

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