So, you’re thinking of running a digital loyalty program, because you need a smart and easy way to incentivize your customers to come back often.

You discover digital loyalty card solutions like CandyBar and you like what they have. You want to know if your customers will love them too.

How do you give CandyBar a test run at your physical store?

You may have any of the following questions:

  • What device do I need to run CandyBar?
  • How do I give my customer a new digital loyalty card?
  • How do I reward my customers for their visits?

Let’s walk you through the things you need to know to set up CandyBar on your store:

1. Use any device you have lying around

Who likes the hassle of searching for the perfect device (that “iOS 11.1.2“ or “Android 7.0 Nougat”) so that you can run a loyalty program for your customers?

iOS? Android? Don’t have an iPad or laptop? Doesn’t matter. CandyBar runs on any device.

On your device, you can launch your digital loyalty program from CandyBar dashboard.

If you want to use another device to run your loyalty program, simply email yourself the link, check your inbox, and CandyBar is all set up.

2. Use your customers’ phone numbers to give them new cards

A customer makes a purchase at your store. You want to pop the question. How to invite your customer to join your loyalty program?

Let customers know what rewards they are in for. If they are interested, ask for their phone number to give them a new loyalty card.

Once you typed in the phone number, a new card is automatically created. You just need to give them a stamp, and your customers will receive an SMS with their loyalty cards.

3. CandyBar will help you keep track of your customers’ rewards

A customer loves your store and makes frequent visits. The customer now have enough stamps to redeem a reward. How do you and your customer know about this?

CandyBar will tell your customer about the good news through an SMS:

We will drop you a reminder too. When you type in the phone number, you will see a reminder about the rewards your customer has earned.

Still unsure of how digital loyalty program like CandyBar might work for you?

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