In a previous blog post, we showed you how our packages feature gets you more cash flow. Some package items you sell could be pretty expensive though. To be safe, verifying the customer’s identity before handing over the item might be a good idea. You can now do this with our customer verification feature. Here’s how it works.

The cashier clicks on the customer’s pre-purchased item.

The cashier then gets a prompt to verify the customer’s identity (which the cashier can choose to skip).

If the cashier chooses to verify, a unique pass phrase is generated and sent to the customer via SMS.

This same pass phrase is displayed to the cashier.

If the customer reads out the right phrase, the cashier can authorize the redemption and the item can now be fulfilled.

That’s all there is to it. Let us know if you’d like customer verification on your package items or rewards and we’d be happy to enable it on your account!


Posted by CandyBar Team

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