You’re busy, and you want to run a loyalty program.

What do you need to make sure you do?

Here’s a simple checklist to help you out.

1. Clearly define what you want to get out of your loyalty program

Do you want to get more regular customers? Do you want each customer to spend more?

The more specific you are about what your goal is, the easier it will be for you to make sure that you achieve it.

It’s common to want to achieve lots of different goals all at once, but that’s actually counter-productive – when you’re trying to do too many things at once, you often end up doing none of them very well.

2. Keep your loyalty program as simple as possible

Lots of big chains have loyalty programs with extremely complicated terms and conditions, so much so that it can almost seem like they’re deliberately trying to confuse and frustrate their customers.

A simple, straightforward loyalty program is a good way to compete with larger, more bureaucratic stores.

Focus on creating a great customer experience for your customers.

3. Make sure your staff understands the loyalty program well

If you do 2, then 3 will be easier – but you should still take the trouble to make sure that your staff knows what’s going on.

It can be very frustrating for customers to try to participate in your loyalty program, only to be obstructed by unhelpful staff.

This can have the exact opposite effect as originally intended.

4. Measure your progress

Measure your loyalty program progress

You’ll want to know how many loyalty cards you’ve given out, and how many stamps, too. This lets you know how you’re doing.

This can be a little challenging if you’re running a paper-and-ink operation, but it’s much easier if you use a simple digital solution like CandyBar.



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