We’re excited to share an update to the core CandyBar experience.

Brand new interface and streamlined cashier workflow

Cashiers can now log in as a customer on the cashier page and give customers stamps and redeem rewards without the customer needing to log in.

The incoming requests page has been updated to focus on the customer being served, and show more details about them.

Next in queue

If your customers make the request from their personal phones, we now queue requests as they come in. Tapping ‘next in queue’ will take you to the next customer in line. If the customer made the request from the in-store tablet,  they’ll be logged off.

Customer identity

We’ve also added details about each customer, to help you understand more about their relationship with your business.

Stacked rewards and undo button

Multiple rewards now stack into a single card, making them simpler to redeem and see how many there are.

We’ve added multiple in-the-moment undo buttons, to help you make quick changes and fix mistakes.

History tab

We’ve also massively upgraded the history tab, allowing you to re-open recent customers at the tap of a button, or revoke accidental stamps or rewards.


Posted by CandyBar Team

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