Are you a mobile merchant, do you often sell at flea markets or visit customers to make sales?

Here are some apps you can take with you on the move to stay synced. We’ve reviewed them thoroughly and consider them to be the best for buying and selling second hand products and vintage items. They’re actually helping flea market merchants like you for an organised business and less hassle.

You don’t need to go back to your office to do the paperwork. Save time and energy with these brilliant apps:

Top 3 payment apps you should use for Fast & Secure transactions 

  1. Venmo (Website/App)

Venmo Payments

Source: Venmo

Venmo works on iOS, Android, and the web. It simplifies money transfers between individuals, and it helps the customers pay their bills through this app.

They’re offering a lot of features, and the UI is excellent. Other mobile payment apps simply move money between people. Venmo attempts to make payments between friends not only easy, but also social. This focus makes all the difference.

Venmo Features

Source: Venmo

Those who are more privacy-minded can adjust the visibility of their transactions to fit their comfort level.

Venmo has added some new features recently,

  • Ease-of-use is the thing that really stands out about Venmo.
  • Sending money takes about 10 seconds.
  • You are charged 3% for using a credit card
  • It only works in the US

If you go out a lot and are tired of using cash or PayPal’s less-streamlined interface to pay people back, then we think, as a result of our exploration of Venmo, that you’ll probably be happy with this simple app.


  1. PayPal (Website/App)

PayPal is available for both Android & iOS. They claim to have 218 million active consumer accounts and more than 17 million merchants.

And unlike just about any sort of merchant account or payment processor out there, you can implement PayPal as your exclusive means of accepting payments, or as a supplemental option.

Here’s the link to their website: –

PayPal is now the biggest third party payment provider in the world meaning that it now dominates online processing on sites that go far beyond its origins on eBay.

  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • Multiple pricing plans available
  • Ideal for low-volume merchants
  • All-in-one payments system
  • Account stability issues
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • Not suitable for high-risk industries

PayPal is a great payment option to start with, and there’s no question you should keep it around as a backup form of payment if you sell online. It also works very well for businesses as the primary payment option.

  1. Western Union (Website/Apps)

The Western Union mobile application is available for both iOS & Android Platforms. It is the largest money transfer provider worldwide, covering over 200 countries and territories with more than 550,000 agent locations.

The company has two main advantages: worldwide coverage and the variety of ways you can transfer money.

As Western Union provides a singular platform to all its Agents, in all the countries, the sending/receiving of money is nearly seamless and the same at every location.

Read more reviews and ratings: –

  • Unmatched network in more than 200 countries
  • Wide range of payment and delivery options
  • Costs tend to be higher than the average

You can choose between paying more for transfers that arrive in minutes or pay less for transfers that take several business days. And it has the broadest agent network in the world, so you’ll likely be able to send your money close to your desired destination.


Here’s the best invoicing apps you should use

  1. QuickBooks (Website/App)

Small businesses that invoice their customers when certain goals are reached in a project can use progress invoicing in QuickBooks to keep track of money owed. QuickBooks calculates the amount previously invoiced to ensure you don’t exceed the estimate.

Quickbooks Features

It is actually providing a platform to the users, so they can easily and instantly access its unique business analytics and financial insights to improve their business health and wealth.

Quickbooks Pricing
  • Impressive features
  • Cloud-based
  • Numerous integrations
  • Good tax support
  • Moderate learning curve
  • Limited users
  • Buggy

QuickBooks Online invoicing options are robust, particularly for an application designed for mobile access. And that is included at no cost in all versions of the product.


  1. Hiveage (Website/App)

Hivage Site

Hiveage Features

This is a really simple, and powerful online billing for the customers and small businesses. You have some features to track time, your expenses and mileage. Moreover, you can manage multiple teams & businesses.

Hiveage lets users send unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of clients, and accept online payments using more than a dozen popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe and Braintree.

Hivage Reasons to Buy

Save unlimited taxes, discounts and shipping charge entries in Hiveage, both as percentages and fixed amounts, and add them to invoice line items or sub-total. Hiveage automatically sends payment reminders and receipts, whether they need to remind a client about a payment or thank them for settling a bill on time.

  • Simplicity and support.
  • User-friendly, need layout!
  • Very easy to use and navigate
  • Nothing specific

If you don’t like paying for features that you don’t need in a billing software, Hiveage might be a good system for you. It provides full invoicing features that will help you to keep your business running smoothly.


  1. Zoho Invoice (Website/App) 

This is a web based invoicing software for small businesses. And it is available for both iOS & Android. We compiled Zoho Invoice reviews from around the web to determine what their customers think about the company. We also compared the most popular pricing options for small business owners.

Zoho has hit the cloud hard these past few years. The company offers a host of different applications that cover numerous points of business operations.

Zoho Pricing

You can sign up with Zoho Invoice for free, no contract and no credit card information required. Zoho Invoice offers a forever free plan in addition to three other pricing options.

Zoho Invoicing

The only trouble is, normally Zoho makes very sure to integrate the various apps tightly with one another. But in this instance, we were disappointed to find that Zoho Invoice doesn’t yet integrate with Zoho Inventory, a common invoicing partner.

Zoho Features

  • Easy to use with little or no training
  • Ease of use, the price is right, has made my life so much easier
  • recurring invoices – invoice/email templates – reports – reminders
  • It’s not an accounting software! It’s only for billing and expense accounting.
  • Not scalable for product for e-commerce businesses selling products but great for service based companies
  • Need to have the facility to see if the client has viewed the invoice which is missing and adding this would a big thing!!!

In 2016, the company added a much-anticipated invoice customization feature that put Zoho Invoice far ahead of most of the competition. So it’s a worthy choice.


Best Marketing apps you should use

  1. Facebook (Website/App)

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company. Facebook has some impressive statistics and one would certainly think they could be leveraged in terms of advertising and converting users to sales.

The ability to influence EdgeRank is a major benefit to maintaining Facebook star ratings on your page. There’s also the increased integrity and credibility that comes with brand transparency.

  • System is very easy to use and quick.
  • It only takes less than six hours to get an ad approved.
  • Can target by age, location, gender, religion, and even marital status.
  • Can target based on user-preferences.
  • If you are just looking for sign-ups to a newsletter or to give away something free or to get people involved in a contest, Facebook advertising works well.
  • Costs-per-click tend to be higher than other companies for popular niches.
  • Not as versatile as Google, for instance, with no suggestion of keywords.
  • Users complain that ads are not relevant to their interests so they have no reason to even go further.
  • Facebook is more private in the sense that people keep to themselves, and trust their group or clique.


  1. Instagram (Website/App)

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook.

Not only does Instagram have a lot of users, they’re engaged. More than half (51%) of the platform’s active users visit the site daily, and 35% say they check it multiple times a day. The photo and video sharing app has quickly turned into a top social media site.

It is available for both iOS & android.

  • It gives customers a visual reference of what you offer.
  • It makes it easier to share your brand’s message.
  • Instagram is growing quickly – very quickly.
  • Hashtags make it easy to connect with people
  • Location tagging is available.
  • Your targeted demographics might not even have an Instagram account.
  • It’s not always a platform that focuses on commerce.
  • Advertising may be out of reach for most businesses.
  • Sending people to a specific website can be difficult.
  • Businesses are not allowed to use clickable links.


  1. Hootsuite (Website/App)

It’s the world’s most widely used social media management platform with over 16 million users worldwide. It is designed for organizations to execute social media strategies across multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

It is available for both iOS & Android.

Hootsuite Features

Teams can collaborate within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, engage with customers, and generate revenue.

Many people create multiple social media accounts and later find it too difficult to keep their profiles updated on all the sites. Hootsuite is considered really good for handling multiple social media accounts by logging into a single dashboard.

  • You can use it to manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Plus and Foursquare.
  • It offers a useful monitoring service that shows you replies, mentions and direct messages from all networks in one dashboard.
  • It has the ability to schedule updates (Tweets, Facebook posts), including posting across all your networks at a set time.
  • Collaboration options allow you to work as a team and delegate replies and other tasks with staff.
  • Although the app is marketed as free, the features in the free version are quite limited.
  • The analytics features aren’t available in the free version. Detailed analytics can vary in price from as low as $50 to as high as $500 per report.
  • The collaborative teams feature, while very neat, is relatively expensive.


Best Design Apps you should use

  1. Canva (Website/App)

Canva gives businesses, organisations, and even individual professionals with a very simple design platform that enables them to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs.

It is available for both iOS & Android.

Canva brings sophisticated design abilities to the masses. We can only hope future features don’t render the service complicated to use. Hurry up and request your beta invite, this is one service you won’t want to miss.

  • Very easy to use, even for beginners
  • Tightly integrated with stock photo image bank
  • Can be used for free if you use your own photos
  • No page grids
  • No alignment tools

Create presentations and social media graphics using graphic design tool with drag-and-drop functionality and professional layouts. So it’s really a worthy choice.


  1. Adobe Spark Post (Website/App)

A cross-platform web app containing a suite of content creation tools catering to people of all budgets and skill levels.

Adobe Spark Post is easy to use. It’s web-based tool for folks that need to produce visually intensive content for social sharing that Marketers call it visual storytelling. As part of the rebranding, they’ve been renamed Spark Post, Spark Video and Spark Page, respectively.

Adobe Spark Features

Spark Post lets you create single-image graphics with text overlays. It’s easy to use and you can change type style, colors, layouts and page size, through presets or manually. Its real advantage is automation.

Adobe Spark App

Some of these premium perks include:

  • Large variety of typography styles
  • Themes
  • Full responsiveness
  • Image library
  • Image and video creation

Adobe has a variety of other products in the creative section, often popularized by industry experts.

  • Free to use (premium add-ons available)
  • Plenty of templates for pages, videos, and posts
  • Simple and intuitive usability
  • Instant previews available
  • Limitations with video formatting
  • Fonts cannot be changed in a template as a whole
  • The paid version must be bought for the Adobe logo to be removed

And, for those lacking large marketing budgets, Adobe Spark offers an ideal marketing solution, whether you have an official business website or not.


Best loyalty app you should use

  1. CandyBar

CandyBar Site

This is like a loyalty punch card in your phone, with features to track returning customers and acquire feedback. CandyBar allows store owners to keep track of their loyal customers and give them rewards.

CandyBar Features

CandyBar is really easy to use for both customers and merchants. Customers simply need to provide their mobile numbers, so that cashiers can allocate stamps and rewards with a tap. CandyBar has a growing presence in multiple retail establishments across the globe.

Technology is getting advanced day-by-day. Isn’t it amazing how much we can do today, thanks to technology? Using these payment apps, sending and receiving money is more like texting with a friend. And marketing is cheap and more effective using the above mentioned applications. The whole process is simple and powerful. So we highly recommend these wonderful piece of technologies that help and simplify our daily life.

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