We all know that word of mouth publicity is the most powerful marketing tool out there.

And, isn’t that what Malaysian beauty bloggers are essentially doing? Through beauty reviews, tutorials, tips, and sponsorships.

Customers nowadays want to know about brand experiences from other influential people before they go in to buy a product or a service.

In today’s market where new products and services are launching every few days, you can’t just sit back and wait for this conversation to start.

You have to get out there and start it yourself. Through influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing on the rise, you can get Malaysian beauty bloggers to start talking about your nail salon.

Malaysian Beauty Bloggers

Here’s a list of 22 Malaysian beauty bloggers you can involve in your social media marketing campaign:

1. Chan Won

Blog: http://www.chanwon.com/

Instagram handle: @chanwon92

Instagram followers: 85k Followers

A fashionista of the true kind, you’ll see Chan Won gracing many fashion shows and events. She started her blog as a travel diary. Shen then went on to become one of the ‘Gold standards’ of bloggers and influencers in the Lifestyle industry. Chan has endorsed many prominent beauty brands including Innis free, Hand Made Heroes MY, and L’oreal. She writes about her experiences, tips, and reviews of her travel and beauty encounters.

2. Emily Quak

Blog: www.emilyquak.com

Insta handle: @emilyquak

Instagram followers: 15.5k Followers

Emily Quak started as a law graduate from the Monash University in Melbourne, but her love for beauty and fashion brought her to YouTube. Also, a Radio Host and MUA, this multi-talented girl blogs about skincare tips, makeup tutorials dotted with a few lifestyle pots in between.

3. Erma Yanti


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Blog: princess-yanti.blogspot.com

Instagram handle: @princessyanti769

Instagram followers: 13.1k Followers

Erma Yanti, popularly known as Princess Yanti, started as a beauty You Tuber in 2013 when makeup tutorials and videos were still a very fresh concept in Malaysia. Five years later, her YouTube channel is actively viewed by Malaysian girls and women for advice on makeup and skincare. Yanti blogs in both English and Malay.

4. Grace Myu

Blog: http://gracemyu.blogspot.com

Instagram handle: @gracemyu

Instagram followers: 12.7k Followers

If it’s fun and whimsy you are looking for, Grace Myu is your blogger. A Malaysian beauty and lifestyle blogger and a model, Grace has several blog and beauty awards under the belt. These include Clozette Ambassador of June 2015, The L’Oreal Paris #MatteAboutYou Top 10 Finalist, and the KATE Cosmetics #KateGirlMY Top 5 Winner.

5. Karen Kho

Take me anywhere ✈️

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Blog: http://www.karen-kho.com/

Instagram handle: @karenkh0

Instagram followers: 159k Followers

Karen Kho is another Malaysian fitness, travel and beauty blogger. This industrious blogger is a certified fitness instructor and she also runs her fashion boutique. Kho believes that sharing her life through blogging has brought a lot of positivity and lover her. Seeing her big fan following, we couldn’t agree more with her. She has worked with prominent brands like Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Guess, Miss Selfridge and lots more to list down here.

6. Sabby Prue

Blog: http://sabbyprue.blogspot.com/

Instagram handle: @sabbyprue

Instagram followers: 10.4k Followers

Sabby Prue is another Muslim Malaysian beauty blogger and vlogger who blogs about beauty, fashion, parenting, lifestyle and ‘just about everything’. Popularly known as Sabby, this vlogger started blogging in 2008 and ventured into beauty reviews and tutorials in 2012. She also runs a small bakery by the name of Little Bakerina.

7. Sabrina Tajudin

Blog: www.sabrinatajudin.com

Insta Handle: @sabrinatajudin

Instagram Followers: 12.8k Followers

Sabrina Tajdun, the collector of all-things-pretty, is a beauty junkie who loves to share her knowledge of new products and new experiences. She is also the co-founder and creative director of her makeup line, Breena Beauty.

8. Shivani Balraj

Blog: http://www.pen-my-blog.com/

Instagram handle: @penmyblog

Instagram followers: 12k Followers

Shivani Balraj runs her blog under the name of Pen My Blog. She writes about her experiences and reviews on fashion, beauty, and travel.  Balraj was also voted in the Top 6 of the NYX Face Awards Cycle1. With a fan following of more than 12,000 on Instagram, Balraj is an authority among Malaysian Beauty Bloggers.

9. Sunshine Kelly

Blog: http://www.sunshinekelly.com/

Instagram handle: @sunshinekelly2988

Instagram followers: 39.5k Followers

Sunshine Kelly is one of the top Malaysian beauty blogger written by Kelly Chin. Kelly also blogs about fashion, travel, fitness, and lifestyle. Occasionally you’ll find her talking about technology, entertainment, and even cars! Her insightful reviews and fresh personality has her winning the blog scene in Malaysia.

10. Jiawun

Blog: http://www.beautynerdbynight.com

Instagram handle: @beautynerdbynight

Instagram followers: 1.2k Followers

Jiawun is another Malaysian beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her love for makeup started with a gift of Benefit Tinted Moisturiser from her sister. When she realized her friends and acquaintances didn’t share the same love, she went on to share it online.  Jiawan now offers beauty advice, tutorials, tips and reviews on her blog. She also offers blogging advice to beginner bloggers.

11. Paris B.

Blog: http://www.mywomenstuff.com

Instagram handle: @parisbmws

Instagram followers: 7.2k Followers

Paris B. is the Malaysian Beauty Blogger behind the website, My Women Stuff. She mostly blogs about beauty and lifestyle. If you’re looking an aesthetically pleasing Malaysian beauty blogger, here’s one we would recommend. Apart from taking insta-worthy pictures, Paris B. offers refreshingly honest opinions of all products. Check her blog for some good reading.

12. Wiida Ribbon

Get over yesterday, live the reality of today – quoted by WiidaRibbon #quoteoftheday

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Blog: http://wiidaribbon.com/

Instagram handle: @wiidaribbon

Instagram followers: 7.5k Followers

This Malaysian Beauty Blogger has been blogging since 2012. Her blog is a testament to her passion for beauty. On her blog, you’ll be privy to beauty secrets and tips that Wiida has collected as a beauty blogger.

13. Illy Arrifin

Blog: http://www.illyariffin.com/

Instagram handle: @illyariffin

Instagram followers: 11k Followers

Illy Arrifin is a beauty, lifestyle and parenting blogger. Her blog is a window into her life as she, along with her family, shows us what’s life like in sunny Malaysia. With her love of spa sessions, she could be perfect for promoting your spa and nail salon in Malaysia.

14. Jessica Chaw

Blog: http://www.jessica-chaw.com/

Instagram handle: @jessicachaw

Instagram followers: 48.9k Followers

Jessica Chaw is another very active Malaysian female icon. Apart from her beauty, fashion and travel blog, she is also the co-founder of her fashion brand, The Jem Label. Chaw also started blogging when she was just fourteen and since then has reviewed some very high-end beauty and fashion brands including Michael Kors, Hermes, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Nars and many more.

15. Beaute Diary

Blog: http://www.thechency.com/

Instagram handle: @thechency

Instagram followers: 12.6k Followers

Beatu Diary is a blog run by social media influencer and vlogger, Chency CC. This Chinese, Malaysian blogger wants to enjoy life to her fullest and share it with the rest of the world. If you’re looking for a talented vlogger, Chency CC is the one the very best in the Malaysian Beauty Bloggers landscape.

16. GreenStory

💁🏻‍♀️My Top 10 #HG makeup products ⤵️ 1. @lauramercier foundation primer – I love only the type Radience in particular. Don't use is as a primer but a dewy base for my makeup. 2. @fentybeauty Pro Filtr primer – this is my go-to all-rounder primer. However, @benefitcosmetics #PoreFessional Pearl (original was a favorite before this new one came out) is a must on top of any primer I use to cover up the pores. 3. @smashboxcosmetics Studio Skin 24hr Concealer – actually I have a few #HG concealers but thought to pick this one today. Because been using this for really long time, love this and never really talked about it. 4. @bennyemakeup Neutral Set Colorless Powder – I feel this this the most overlooked translucent powder but my #holygrail for quite a few years now! 5. @hourglasscosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder – ever since I started using the Diffused Light to highlight my under eye area I never looked back for anything else! 6. @maccosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish – Dark Deep, my ever so favorite, #cantlivewithout bronzer. Yes, I use this as my bronzer no matter what I use to contour my face with. 7. @tartecosmetics Blushes – added a palette here because I love all Tarte blushes and they simply have the perfect formula. 8. @benefitmalaysia Roller Lash Mascara – Simply can't live without this mascara. I forgot using eyelash curlers for day-to-day life since I' started using this in ’15. 9. #MAC Fix+ topped up with @urbandecaycosmetics All Nighter, this is how I finish my makeup and this routine never found a proper substitute till! 10. #SigmaBrushes – my absolute favorite makeup tools. Among all @sigmabeauty F37 and F23 is my cant-do-my-face-makeup-without brush. __ I swear it was too hard to shortlist this 10 product. I wanted to add so many other makeup products that I love! Maybe some other day! Special thanks to sweetheart @trishitanowroj for the ’Top10 favorite products’ tag 💚 & I'm tagging you all… Feel free to share your favorites. [Tag me on the post, wouldn't want to miss it] It always feels good to know you, your taste a bit more! __ #GreenStoryBlog #bblogger #makeuplife #beautybloggers

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Blog: http://greenstoryblog.com/

Instagram handle: @GreenStoryblog

Instagram followers: 10.1k Followers

Green Story is another very active Malaysian blog, run by blogger and social media influencer, Tamanna. Originally from Bangladesh, Tamanna calls makeup her second love. She offers reviews and tutorials on all things beauty- from skincare to personal hygiene and nails. It’s Tamanna’s pictures that bring attention to her simplistic, yet very useful, blog.

17. Tallpiscesgirl

Blog: http://www.tallpiscesgirl.com/

Instagram handle: @tallpiscesgirl

Instagram followers: 5.4k Followers

Tall Pisces Girl is the brainchild of Charmaine Pua. Pua blogs about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and much more. This beautiful blogger looks like she’s having so much fun blogging and having new adventures each day!

18. LayrynnBites

Blog: http://www.layrynnbites.com/

Instagram handle: @carmen.layrynn

Instagram followers: 16.9k Followers

Carmen Layrynn, content creator, and blogger at Layrynn Bites writes about beauty, lifestyle, travel, and interiors. Layrynn also runs her hand-poured scented candle company, NUDECCO. This blogger is loved and followed by many for the way she offers an honest view into her life. Layrynn went through a plastic surgery in 2016 and has been very honest about it on her blog.

19. Aliahamzah

Blog: https://aliahamzah.com/

Instagram handle: @aliahamzah

Instagram followers: 6.3k Followers

Alia Hamzah is 23-year old beauty and lifestyle blogger. She started her blogging journey in 2015 as a beauty enthusiast and since then has been offering reviews and tutorials on her blog.

20. Mira Cikcit

I've been a blogger for 7 years already and of course I experienced a lot. It started out as a diary which then turned into passion when I started joining blogger communities. One of the early ones was @butterflyproject.my and until now it's still my favourite. Why? Well let's say it drives me to improve myself as it's handled by the talented and also joined by the talenteds. I met many inspiring people which led me to where I am now. Most of them are now my friends and we've grown a strong bond throughout the years. Rivalry? 🤔 Well, I never had any, as the opportunity to grow in this field is wide. Why should there be any unnecessary drama. As long as you're taking good care of your name then all is well. Don't be greedy and share the opportunities around you. Have quality in your posts, show how passionate you are as a writer and probably in photography skills as well. 😉 Always try and improve and from there you'll surely shine. Probably not to everyone but at least to yourself. That's the most important rule. Have self-love. ❤ . . . P/s: Picture has nothing to do with caption. Just 'showing off' the goodies from #butterflyprojectmsia's previous 🦄 Unicorn Birthday Party. It was a great one!

A post shared by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

Blog: http://miracikcit.blogspot.my

Instagram handle: @miracikcit

Instagram followers: 3.3k Followers

Mira Cikcit is a rising Malaysian beauty, parenting and lifestyle blogger. Mira started as a beauty blogger, but with a baby, in the picture, she towards parenting and lifestyle blogging. This young crafty blogger is willing to try everything—even blue lipstick! Mira offers a very sincere and natural window into her life through her blogs and Instagram posts.

21. Plusizekitten

Blog: http://www.plusizekitten.com/

Instagram handle: @hellotammylim

Instagram followers: 3.3k Followers

Tammy Lim is one busy beauty blogger in Malaysia. This hipster blogger is also the founder of the Butterfly Project Malaysia. She has been nominated as the top 10 female bloggers in Malaysian and is also the winner of the Cleo’s Next Top Blogger Malaysia 2011.

22. Chloe.Ash

Blog: http://chloeash.com/

Instagram handle: @lily_chloeash

Instagram followers: 865 Followers

Makeup Enthusiast and Skincare Junkie, Lily Ong started blogging while she working full time in the financial industry. And she is still blogging about makeup, parenting, fitness after getting married, quitting her job and giving birth to three children. Ong loves blogging for the flexibility it allows her while managing her three children.


These Malaysian beauty bloggers are a great conversation starter when it comes to getting consumers talking about a brand. They can put across a positive word amongst your target market. With their huge fan base combined with the trust factor, beauty bloggers boost sales for your nail salon.

But that’s just a start. With a good customer loyalty program, you can bring back your customers to your door again and again.


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