If you’re a nail salon, you must know that pictures are the newest, the most effective, advertising tool out there right now. Gone are the days when nail salons in Singapore could get attention with just a billboard or even a small advertisement on the back of a fashion magazine.

Your customers want pictures; and lots of them!

Unless you want to be labeled démodé, you have to be on social media. If nothing, you should be on at least two social media platforms. We recommend Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is the biggest social media network with over 2,234 million active users. The first account you should be making on social media is on Facebook. You got to be on Facebook if you want your customers to find you online.

If your business is aesthetic, you have no excuse not to build your community on Instagram. Since Nail Salons in Singapore are an extremely visual business, it’s where your real tribe will be.

Nail Salons in Singapore

Nail Salons in Singapore are getting competitive when it comes to their social media presence. See how these nail salons are rocking their social media:

The Nail Status

Website: http://thenailstatus.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/thenailstatus/
Instagram Handle: @thenailstatus

The Nail Status is a nail salon located in Far East Plaza and Seletar Mall. This salon specializes in bridal nails and offers a range of nail and lashes services. Their social media pages are consistent. They have a very short and direct bio. Customers will get what they need: the address, the number and how to book an appointment.  Your social media page should always make it easy for the customer to do business with you.

The salon has a good following on both Instagram and Facebook. They update their photos almost on a daily basis. With each post, they include a call to action. It’s simple: book an appointment with us on the given number. That makes it easy for the customers to contact them. The salon also offers periodic promotions and deals to bring in the customers. To improve organic reach, the salon uses relevant hashtags.  Right now, people could be searching for a hashtag relevant to your business. If you have used it, your post is going to show up in their search. That’s when you get noticed and your organic reach increases.

Agnes G. Nail Salon

Facebook: https://facebook.com/agnesgnail

Instagram Handle: @agnesg.nailsjambox

Agnes G. Nail Salon offers decorative nail art with manicure and pedicure services. For their social media, they focus on their nail art. Because to be honest, nail art makes for great pictures. And Anges G. Nail Salon does some of the best nail art.

This nail salon is contemporary when it comes to their social media posts. They take inspiration from current trends and fashion and turn them into nail art. During the Met Gala Craze, they came up with a Gigi Hadid inspired nail art. That’s genius. Everyone was scouring the net and social media for Met Gala and all related images. And by doing a Met Gala nail art, they probably had a swooping organic reach. Plus, they showcased to their customers that they can pull off almost everything.

They have also turned their Facebook page into an e-commerce page. All their services are listed on their Facebook page and they take bookings there too. If you don’t have a website, you can always create a Shopify account on Facebook and get the orders rolling in.


Website: http://www.manicurious.sg/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/manicurious

Instagram Handle: @manicurious

Manicurios is a very fresh and vibrant nail salon. Every brand should ideally have a unique personality. Manicurious has it.  This nail salon has a very trendy and upbeat personality. Their personality shines through on their social media. All their images are appropriately captioned, with just the right amount of wit.

Another good thing going on in their social media is their winning collaboration strategy. They collaborate with many small businesses around Singapore and create nail art of their mascots, characters or brand elements. They recently did one for Dreamworks KouKou and put their characters into nail art.


Website: https://www.auumthehonestnailspa.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/auumsg/

Instagram Handle: @auumsg

Auum Nail Spa isn’t your average nail salon. This nail salon is creating its very own niche. They offer nail art that’s safe for vegans, pregnancy and even kids. Kiddie manicure parties are the in-thing these days. They have not just come up with nail spa events that are specially tailored for kids, but their products are also safe to use for kids and also, pregnant women. Because it’s the pregnant women who especially need the extra bit of pampering, right?

On Auum’s Instagram feed, you won’t find one nail art after another. This nail spa is mixing it up when it comes to posting pictures on their social media. You’ll see them putting up posts of girlie spa parties, couples having manicures done (because why not!) and also the salon winning one award after another. Its one big party at Auum’s social media page.

The Nail Artistry

101 Dalmatians. ☎️Serangoon Gardens: 6966 1919 ☎️East Coast: 6386 2722

A post shared by The Nail Artistry (@thenailartistry) on

Website: https://www.thenailartistry.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/thenailartistry/

Instagram Handle: @thenailartistry

The Nail Artistry is one of premium professional nail salons in Singapore. Their social media page is dotted with one nail art after another.

When you are putting up nail art pictures on Instagram, you have to take to the next level. And that’s what Nail Artistry is doing. Their nail art is usually inspired by famous characters, theme or patterns. From 101 Dalmatians to celebrating the Chinese New Year, this nail salon is recreating the boundaries of Nail Art.

Nail Artistry is also using their social media to offer its followers discounts and offers. That’s a good way to increase following. Currently, they are offering trials for their first customers. That will get customers to visit the salon for the first time. With good service and a successful brand loyalty program, nail salons in Singapore can get repeat customers.

The Nail Social

Website: http://www.thenailsocial.co/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/thenailsocial.co

Instagram Handle: @thenailsocial

The Nail Social can easily be one of the best nail salons in a Singapore when it comes to social media strategy. They have a lot of good things going on in their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Recently, this nail salon did a goodwill campaign. They offered a free manicure and pedicure to Ahuva Good Shephard. Ahuva is a shelter for young girls who need residential care and protection. On social media, goodwill gestures like these get an extra bit of love from social media users. This one-day event would surely improve the salon’s positioning with its customers.

Nail Social also occasionally puts up inspirational and positive quotes on their social media. These make for good shares on Facebook, and this is an excellent way of increasing organic reach for the brand. The captions on the posts are also well-thought of. The short captions make for an easy read and connect well with the customers.

The nail salon also posts inside look pictures of their salon, tempting customers to book a relaxing manicure or pedicure. They have all the elements of a good social media page!

Home Nails

Website: https://www.homenails.com.sg/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/HomeNails

Instagram Handle: @homenails

Home Nails started as a home-based nail spa and in just a few years has grown into one of the most loved nail salons in Singapore.

On their Instagram, you’ll find some very beautiful nail art. The salon mostly puts up nail art posts. These are well composed, adding a point of interest for the viewers. Each post has an appropriate caption and a call to action. Home Nails also posts inside peek into their salon. They let their followers see all the fun that’s happening in the salon. This is a good strategy to make the nail salon appear relatable and friendly. You know them before you visit them. They also occasionally post giveaways and special offers to build their tribe.

Bellus De Charme

Website: http://www.charmegroup.com.sg/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/beautifullycharme/

Instagram Handle: @bellusdecharme

Bellus De Charme is among the premium nail salons in Singapore. They recently have invested in Influencer marketing to build buzz around their brands. Influencers, Hannah Alkaff and Bharathi Rani received complimentary services from the spa and posted about it. The spa regrammed their posts.

Why that’s good?

User-generated content has a 4.5% higher likelihood of converting more business than other posts. Now customers will think that if these icons are visiting the spa, it must be one of the best.  The nail spa also offers a lot of giveaways and offers to get customers to visit their salon and build that hype.

The Nail Artelier

Website: http//thenailartelier.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheNailArtelier/

Instagram Handle: @thenailartelier

The Nail Artelier is one of the few art-centric nail salons in Singapore.  So it isn’t surprising to see some of the most amazing nail art on their social media. Their nail art will give nail artists around the world some serious competition. Most of them are snapped with a thoughtful composition and a call to action in their caption. They offer their customers the chance to book an appointment online or through the given numbers with each post. Their followers don’t have to go looking for their numbers. It’s right there. They also put up posts when they are doing special events or shows. That not only gives them additional publicity but it develops their rapport.

Lovene Nail and Lashes

New nail design!! Call 64231368 or DM us for booking😘

A post shared by Lovene Nail & Lashes (@lovene_nail.lashes) on

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lovenenail.lashes/

Instagram Handle: @lovene_nail.lashes

Lovene Nail and Lashes is a nail salon that offers manicures, pedicures, nail art and lash extensions. They post pictures of their nail art and their salon occasionally. You’ll see happy clients, enjoying a luxurious manicure or a nail art session. On each post, there’s a call to action- make a booking. A call to action invites a response. It gets your customer to call you, or even to save your number for future.

Lovene Nails does a few random posts in between their nail art pictures. This not only breaks the monotony, but random spontaneous pictures get better responses. Users love spontaneity on social media. It brings the brand closer to the people. It makes your brand relatable and natural. But the trick is to balance both. Lovene Nails is nailing that too. Even when they post random posts, they link it to their business. They do this either by strategically placing a manicured nail in the picture, or making the post relevant through the captions.

8 Twenty 8 Nails

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8Twenty8Nails/

Instagram Handle: @8twenty8nails

If there’s one thing that will always work magically on Instagram, it’s beatifically composed pictures.  Social media is extremely visual. When I’m scrolling down on Facebook or Instagram, and I see a beautiful picture. I stop. That’s what 8 Twenty 8 Nails are doing. It’s getting people to stop and take notice. Appreciate their work. With nail art, if it’s appealing, it’s going to get business. To get customers to the next step, they put their booking details with each caption. Their marketing is simple, direct and effective for social media.

Soq Nails

Website: http://soqnails.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Soqnails/

Instagram Handle: @soqnails

Soq Nails is one of the small home-based nail salons in Singapore. Albeit a very strong following. This nail salon probably doesn’t have a big marketing budget or even a big team, but they are proving that you don’t need a big team to make it big on social media. The nail salon posts on daily basis. Their posts are mostly about nail arts, but they are enough to show where the salon’s expertise lies. Owner and nail artist, Fan WenQing also makes her social media relatable by posting about what’s happening in her life. This makes her brand more personal to the users. It gives her the connection factor.

Pretty With Cindy

#prettywithcindy #sgnails #sgnail

A post shared by Cindy Nah (@prettywithcindy) on

Website: https://prettywith-cindy.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/prettywithcindy

Instagram Handle: @prettywithcindy

Pretty with Cindy is another small home-based nail salon in Singapore, run and managed by Cindy Nah. And it seems from her social media posts that she’s one busy, in-demand nail artist. Apart from her very sophisticated nail art posts, every month, she does a post telling her followers that she’s fully booked. And most of it happens in the first 10-15 days. It’s a classic Zara strategy. You get the customers to call for an appointment early. If they wait for long, they might not get a booking for the whole month.

Nails by Caryn

Facebook: https://facebook.com/nailsbycarynsg/

Instagram Handle: @nails_by_caryn

Nails by Caryn’s social media is flooded with one amazing nail art after another. This Singaporean nail salon is quite active when it comes to social media updates. They also take advantage of other users and businesses posting tagging them. They regram their follower’s Instagram posts. Positive user-generated posts are more likely to bring positive traction for the business when compared with any other types of posts. They are the most powerful marketing tool on social media today.

Branche Nails

Website: http://www.branche.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BRANCHE.SG

Instagram Handle: @branche.nailsg

Branche Nails is one of the premium luxurious nail salons of Singapore. Their social media accounts carry forward with the same brand feel. The pictures on their posts are thoughtfully composed. Their pictures have a synergy, with similar background and swatches. This helps build a consistent brand image for the nail salon. With consistency, your nail salon is instantly recognized. Even when your follower is going through their newsfeed where there are multiple other similar salons.

3D Nails

Facebook: https://facebook.com/3DNailssg

Instagram Handle: @3d_nails

We have talked about Influencer Marketing and how nail salons in Singapore and the rest of the world are doing it to increase their reach. 3D Nails utilises the power of influencers to boost their exposure too. Lifestyle bloggers like Ms. Hannah Chia post their manicure photos to instagram which 3D nails regrams on their account. With this, they are able to reach out to Hannah Chia’s followers too. Their organic reach has increased since engaging influencers. Their users are providing them some very good and marketable pictures. And 3D Nails doesn’t let the opportunity slip by. When it comes to Instagram, you should know who’s talking about your brand and use it to push your brand further. Build on the social conversations and create more hype.

These 16 nail salons in Singapore serve as good examples of what nail salons should be doing when it comes to social media strategy. To get your small nail spa running, pair these tips with a good customer loyalty program. And you will be all set for a rocking marketing strategy of your own.

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