It’s good news for small businesses.

According to  Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey, small businesses are experiencing bigger growth spurts. The key to this growth is innovation and opportunities.

However, the same report concludes that these brands face budget and cost constraints.

There’s a lot you need to be doing. You probably don’t have the budget and the team for that. And to grow, every business needs more customers. But with your limited budget, you don’t have the money to reach your customers through big marketing campaigns.

With lifestyle bloggers on the rise, you have a solution right there. Bloggers have a high reach when it comes to connecting with your customers. You can hire Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers to promote your business and get the word out to your customers.

With the right blogger, you can open your business up to a high volume of customers every month.

Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers

To make things easier for small businesses, here’s a list of 25 Singaporean Lifestyle Bloggers:

Peggy C

Thank you tour guide @jochieng for bringing the suaku me out! 🤘🏼

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Instagram handle: @sixpegs

Instagram followers: 25.5k followers

Peggy C. is the brainchild and sole writer behind the blog, Six Pegs. This happy-go-lucky blogger shares her love for food, fashion, travel and lifestyle with Singapore, and the rest of the world. Peggy C. also is also spotted running her two cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns.

Vivian Tian


Instagram handle: @veeviisme

Instagram followers: 5.9k Followers

This Singaporean Lifestyle blogger shares her opinion, reviews, and adventures with beauty, fashion, photography and even the movies. Tian has a simple one-page blog. All her articles are listed chronologically. Her Instagram feed shows that this young blogger loves to take selfies and she hangs out in the coolest places around Singapore.

Alexis Cheong


Instagram handle: @alexischeong

Instagram followers: 1.9k Followers

Singaporean born and bred, Alexis Cheong started blogging at the age of 14. She currently writes about beauty, food, tech, entertainment and social media on her blog. By day, Cheong is an advertising and media executive. By night and on weekends, she gears up for her blog. If you’re looking for new places to visit or products to try out, you need to check out Cheong’s blog.

Sophie Willocq


Instagram handle: @sophiewillocq

Instagram followers: 81.2k followers

Model and New Paper New Face 2005 winner, Sophie Willocq is another big name in the Singaporean Lifestyle Bloggers List. This exotic beauty is part Singaporean Chinese and part French. Willocq started blogging in 2005 when blogging was the cool thing. Since then, she has been living a very exciting, fun life.

Monice Cheung


Instagram handle: @monice

Instagram followers: 1.6k followers

Monice Cheung isn’t just your average lifestyle blogger. She’s also an entrepreneur. Cheung started her blog in 2012 to write about everything that makes her happy. On her blog, you’ll find beauty, fashion, food and movie reviews along with her travel adventures. A foodie by nature, Cheung also runs her small bakery, Monice Bakes.

Beatrice Tan

Bonjour 🇫🇷☀️ #paris

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Instagram handle: @beatricesays

Instagram followers: 76.3k followers

Blogger-cum-entrepreneur, Beatrice Tan is a role model for many young Asian girls. Tan started blogging in 2005 when it became a popular medium of expression.  She soon found blogging to be a great medium to write and explore her passions. Currently, Tan is focusing her energies on her local online fashion label, Klarra. Klarra sells clothes designed for the Asian Market.

Rachel Wong


Instagram handle: @rchlwngxx

Instagram followers: 167k followers

Rachel Wong is one of the top Singaporean Lifestyle Bloggers, with her massive following. She started blogging three years ago while getting her diploma in Fashion Communications from Lasalle College of The Arts. Wong calls herself a part-time blogger and loves her ‘job’.

Andrea Chong


Instagram handle: @dreachong

Instagram followers: 308k followers

You might not believe it, but Andrea Chong started blogging ‘accidently’ when she was forced to start blogging to connect with her viewers from a YouTube series, she was hosting. Being an English literature graduate, you’ll find quality blog posts on Chong’s website. That’s why she has been ranked among the top in many lists for Singaporean Lifestyle Bloggers. She was ranked  1st on Digital Advertising Agency Hippo Network’s “Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in Singapore” list. She is also given the Fashion Icon of the Year Award in 2015 by the Singapore Social Media awards. Chong has also been seen gracing television as a stylist and guest judge.

Melissa Celestine Koh


Instagram handle: @melissackoh

Instagram followers: 254k followers

Melissa Koh is a name you can’t miss when it comes to Singaporean Lifestyle bloggers. Koh started blogging in 2004. Since then, she has worked with some of the most known beauty and lifestyle brands including Kate Spade, Dior, Tiffany & Co., Carolina Herrera and Singapore Airlines. Koh was also Fujifilm’s ambassador for 2017. You’ll see her often gracing magazines such as The Straits Times Singapore, Her World Singapore, ELLE, and Seventeen. This promising blogger was also the cover girl for SHAPE Magazine in Aug 2015. Melissa also empathizes with a few charitable causes including WWF and Another Sole.

Jaclynn Seah


Instagram handle: @jac_theocctrav

Instagram followers: 1343 Followers

This Singaporean Lifestyle blogger will give you some serious travel goals. Seah mostly blogs about her travel adventures with a few other lifestyle blog posts squeezed in between. Seah wants to inspire the average people to travel more. She wants her followers to take inspiration and advice from her travel adventures.

William Tan

Happy 60th Anniversary to @hushpuppiessg! That was really an amazing party! 🎉 There were so many interactive activities going on, photo booth, fashion show and showcase of the Decades Limited Edition Shoes collection. Not forgetting the delicious canapés and drinks! . There was also a art auction for Charity going on!! In celebration of its 60th Anniversary, @hushpuppiessg has collaborated with 14 artists and Creative group to design the puppies! 😍 I managed to take some selfie with one of the decorated 1.2m tall sculpture which I personally like it a lot. These decorated sculptures are up for public auction from 7-21 June 2018 with all proceeds going to animal welfare centre, Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)!🐶 … I really like their brogue shoes which I wore to the party too. They are not only stylish in design but also very comfy! Thank you @hushpuppiessg and @wom_sgpr for the invitation to such a great event and I certainly enjoyed myself and have many #HushPuppiesBestMoment. 😀 … #HushPuppies #HushPuppiesSG #HushPuppiesDecades #LiveLifeUnleashed #HushPuppiesShoes #InstaShoes #MensFashion #StyleOfTheDay 📷: @ivannavich

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Instagram handle: @william82sg

Instagram followers: 22k followers

William Tan is another lifestyle blogger from sunny Singapore. He was the Watsons Friendly Face Male in 2010. Tan also writes for Safra’s Lifestyle section and’s food section. On his blog, he covers almost everything including travel, food, fashion, tech plus movies and entertainment. Anything that will be interesting and helpful for his readers.

Flora Isabelle


Instagram handle: @floraisabelle

Instagram followers: 73.6k followers

Isabelle is your quintessential social media addict. You’ll see her Instagram updated regularly as she shares her life stories, her travels, her beauty hauls and everything she is passionate about. Isabelle is also the owner of her social media consultancy, Project 24. She has worked with some famous brands including IKEA, Sephora, L’Oreal Paris, Cetaphil and more.

Sharon A. Chia


Instagram handle: @sharonachia

Instagram followers: 10k followers

Sharon A. Chia has been blogging since 2004. Her blog started as a means to help her friends and family with fashion and beauty advice. What started as a hobby, became a passion. Chia became the Miss Singapore World 2007 finalist. Chia has also appeared in many fashion magazines including Cozycot Beauty,  CLEO magazine in Singapore. She was also awarded Miss Biker Babe and the Miss LFI. Her achievements don’t end here. She also launched her online retail business, Montrose Desires in 2011 and continues to be its main model.

Cheng Kai Ting


Instagram handle: @kaitinghearts

Instagram followers: 22k followers

Cheng Kai Ting is a Singaporean Lifestyle blogger and a real estate salesperson. This expressive fashionista started blogging to share her love of good deals and useful tips with others. Kai Ting is a Clozette Ambassador and a Black Box Influencer Star. If there’s something new in town, you’ll find Kai Ting there, trying it out and sharing her opinions.

Sally Vevo


Instagram handle: @sallyvevo

Instagram followers: 52.7k followers

This self-proclaimed carnivorous girl next door has an Instagram profile dotted with one happening picture after another. Sally Vevo regularly updates her blog with reviews and experiences of beauty, fashion, food, and other lifestyle brands. Having worked with some of the most known international and local brands, Vevo inspires some serious blogging goals.

Rachel Tan

This is one of the hardest photoshoot because….. I simply couldn't stop munching on the Pocky sticks lol! 😋 Sean was all like "Are you posing or you just want to eat the Pocky?" 😳 ❤️ Pocky has always been an all-time favourite snack since I was a kid. And now that I think about it, it's literally the perfect snack – a good biscuit to chocolate (or other flavours) ratio, not too sweet, won't make your hand dirty, has a good crunch to it, yet easy to bite and won't hurt your teeth, and just so so addictive 😂😋 🍭 It's so exciting that they have so many cool new flavours now, but I think for Pocky Chocolate, I really can just finish 4 boxes at one go all by myself! How about you? What's your favourite Pocky flavour? 🍫 #sharehappiness #pockySG #pockyUT

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Instagram handle: @pxdkitty

Instagram followers: 107k followers

A DIY enthusiast, Rachel Tan is another very popular blogging from Singapore. Tan offers advice and reviews on beauty, food, fashion, and other lifestyle brands. You’ll see her endorsing many popular brands on her social media and her blog, including Pepsi, Pocky and Cereal Citizen.

Hannah Chia

Terengganu always has a special place in my heart as there are so many beautiful islands around it. Together with @dreamcruiseline, we have arrived at Redang which is famous for its beautiful pristine clear blue sea with powdery white sand. Really love this place and dreaming of exploring more of Terengganu soon!! . . 📸 cr: @j._lin . . #dreamcruise #dreamcruises #dreamcruiseline #gentingdream #gentingdreamcruise #beautifuldestinations #natgeotravel #skyscanner #expediasg #beautifulplaces #passionpassport #womenwhoexplore #thetravelwomen #citizenfemme #sheisnotlost #girldiscoverers #shewhowanders #roamtheplanet #wearetravelgirls #borntotravel #femmetravel #travelstoke #travel3sixty #livetravelchannel #globetrotter #traveltheworld #mhctravelogue

A post shared by 🇸🇬Travel✨Beauty💕Lifestyle (@mshannahchia) on


Instagram handle: @mshannahchia

Instagram followers: 16.4k followers

Ms. Hannah Chia started as a personal food blog, but as it gained followers, it explored photography, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Now it’s a team of bloggers sharing their good and at times their bad, experiences of brands and places. This blog is followed by many for its honest, and quality, reviews.

Joanna Soh


Instagram handle: @joannaspy

Instagram followers: 61.1k followers

Joanna Soh is the blogger at Joanna Spy. Her blog is basically has a little bit of everything- fashion, beauty, food, health and just everything that’s hot and happening in Singapore. She helps her followers by offering advice and reviews on the latest and newest trends.

Maybeline Sim


Instagram handle: @maybelinesim

Instagram followers: 35.6k followers

Run by a husband and a wife duo, this Singaporean Lifestyle blog covers everything from beauty and lifestyle to travel and tech. Social media influencers, Femme and Homme are seen reviewing popular brands together and also separately. They have worked with brands like Lee Cooper, Levis, G2000, and were also the ambassadors for SunPlay in 2016.

Elaine Heng


Instagram handle: @mselaineheng

Instagram followers: 22.3k followers

Elaine is one overachieving lifestyle blogger from tropical Singapore. She was the winner of Ms. Singapore International World in 2008. Not only that, this beautiful lady has been awarded the 2010 Successful Entrepreneur award by Singapore Today, Top Lifestyle Blogger 2016 by Food Panda online and much much more. She is also the founder of the Elaine Heng Image Consultancy that offers personal and corporate image management courses.

Myke Motus


Instagram handle: @mykemotus

Instagram followers: 23.2k followers

If you’re looking to promote your creative business, Myke Motus is your guy. Motus is a visual artist, photographer, and creative content creator. His blog covers design, gadgets, grooming and styling brands. His Instagram pictures are sure to spark some envy. He seems to be having so much fun!

Magdalene Tan


Instagram handle: @chantalmag

Instagram followers: 1.8k followers

Lifestyle blogger, Magdalene Tan blogs to record all her favourite and fun moments. And there seems to be quite a lot of them. Tan writes about food, lifestyle, photography, and travel. You’ll find her doing karaoke in Singapore to hiking in Australia. This girl is out for lots of fun and is willing to share all of it with her followers.

Adrian Eugene Seet


Instagram handle: @superadrianme

Instagram followers: 16.6k followers

Lifestyle and Travel Blogger, Adrian Seet will inspire you to book tickets to whichever city he is exploring. His Instagram worthy pictures are eye candy for even the most jaded travelers. He could be in China today and the next month exploring the ruins in Russia. His blog mainly covers hotel and airline reviews and travel destinations from around the world.

Hazel Diary


Instagram handle: @hazeldiary

Instagram followers: 12.9k followers

If you’re looking for a blogger with the wow factor, then it has be to Hazel. This Malaysian/ Singaporean Lifestyle blogger is seen out exploring  Asia- from urban Tokyo to the sandy beaches of Thailand. And while she’s doing that, she also writes hotel, food, beauty, and lifestyle product reviews on her blog. Hers is one exhaustive and enjoyable blog.

Martini Blanc

Want to have afternoon tea yet don’t want to end up indulging too much? @capellasin has the perfect solution with their new wellness tea time at Chef’s Table. You get to choose from three Ayurvedic teas and your bites will be served to you course by course. All the items are plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free, and were developed by @theveggiemaiden and the chefs of #capellasingapore. With items such as cauliflower millefeuille with shiitake ‘bacon’; and quinoa and zucchini chocolate tea cake, it’s the perfect place to take your vegan friends for tea. —— Wellness tea time is served every Friday from 3-5pm at Chef’s Table, Capella Singapore. . . . . . . . . #teatime #wellnessteatime #wellness #sgfood #igfoodie #igfoodporn #mbeats #afternoonteasg #afternoonteatime #sgbloggers #sgblog #foodphotography #whati8today #singaporeinsiders #sgfoodporn #tryitsg #foodporn

A post shared by Martini Blanc (@martiniblancsg) on


Instagram handle: @martiniblancsg

Instagram followers: 8k followers

Created by a group of incredibly talented ladies, Martini Blanc is their outlet for getting their opinions out to the rest of the world. The blog covers a diverse range of lifestyle topics. From beauty and fashion to food and life and everything in between.

These Top Singaporean Lifestyle Bloggers can give your business the initial boost it requires. When customers start arriving at your outlet, you should be prepared for the next step. Offer them a good customer loyalty program for repeat customer visits. You can set up one right here.



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