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Si Quan is CandyBar's Content Marketing Manager. He is also the co-founder of BreakDance Decoded, an online breakdance training company. He loves standup comedy, and has a dream to visit at least 100 countries in his lifetime.

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33 Of The Best Restaurant Blogs to Read For Anyone in F&B

Restaurant blogs might have some of the answers you need Let’s face it: Running a restaurant is tough. As an owner, you have to handle every aspect of your business,...

/ December 23, 2019
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How Wicked Garlic Grew To 3 Stores In 4 Years By Improving 1% Every Day

Merchant Stories: Real stories from real people – successes and struggles from the small business owner.  In an industry where 28% of F&B outlets close in their first year, The...

/ September 10, 2019

Galaxy Cakes and Twilight Drinks: The Secret Behind How Boufe Get Its Customers Talking About Them

Last updated Jun 14, 2019 A quick search for the name “Boufe” will probably bring you headlines like this: And also eye-teasing videos of this: View this post on Instagram...

/ June 14, 2019

14 Of The Best Restaurant Management Apps Your Restaurant Should Use

You don’t have to be wary of technology. If you use the right technology, and use it well, it has the ability to save you tons and tons of time....

/ May 22, 2018

27 Top Singapore Food Bloggers Your Restaurant Should Follow

Restaurant marketing IS hard. There are a million things you could be doing to market your restaurant, but you’re not entirely sure what you should do to kickstart that flood...

/ May 7, 2018

150 Amazing Restaurant Website Design Examples

You may think that your restaurant shopfront solely lies at your restaurant front door, but this is not always the case according to a recent survey by Open Table, a...

/ April 3, 2018
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How To Get A Flawless ‘Front-Of-House’

A great partnership is timeless: Lennon and McCartney, Marge and Homer, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Mulder and Scully, Bert and Ernie – the list goes on! Comparatively, the most...

/ March 1, 2018

How Shukuu Izakaya Uses “Educational Selling” To Grow Its Business

Sake, the Japanese rice wine, is Luis’s idea of a great drink. Sake is hugely popular in Japan, but not commonly drunk overseas, as people default to more familiar alcohol...

/ January 3, 2018

How To Optimize Your Checkout Counter To Get More Sales

Your checkout counter is probably one of the most valuable piece of real estate in your store. Think about it: What’s the mindset of your customers who are at your...

/ December 27, 2017

The “Menu Test”: How Beriwell Creates New Dishes That Customers Love

Can you stuff yourself silly with ice cream… and still improve your health and boost your immune system? Apparently, you can. Dashanta (Dash for short), the founder of Beriwell, has...

/ December 20, 2017