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CandyBar is a customer engagement solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores, by the team at ReferralCandy.

The CandyBar Blog will be writing about…

1: Customer experiences in retail stores.

We’ll explore things that have happened in the news that have made consumers love or hate the retail experience.

We’ll talk about what makes great stores great, the mistakes bad stores make, and how stores navigate the omnichannel retail experience in the modern, digital age.

We’ll go through examples of the best retail stores, mistakes to avoid, things that make customers want to come back.

2: Specific marketing tools and systems that retail stores can use.

Loyalty programs. Referrals. Analytics. Google Analytics for your foot traffic. SMS marketing to your customers as an SME retail store owner. How do these things work, who uses them? How do you think about discounts and giveaways? How do you compete with online retailers? How do you define customer loyalty?

3: Breakdown of successful customer engagement tools and systems.

What are the most successful retail loyalty programs? What makes them tick, what are the variables and trade-offs you’ll have to consider?

We’re looking forward to exploring all of the above and more, to help SME retailers take their businesses to the next level and create better experiences for their customers! Stay tuned.

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