Looking for a list of loyalty programs to steal ideas from?

We’ve trawled the Internet, hunting down a wide array of loyalty programs across different industries.

Here they are:

1. Starbucks loyalty program


Probably one of the most used loyalty programs in the world! Starbucks’ loyalty program is called Starbucks Rewards.

Spending money at Starbucks gets you “Star points”, which you can then redeem for rewards.

2. Samsung loyalty program


The Samsung loyalty program, based in India, is called the Samsung Smart Club.

There’s a Gold tier and a Platinum tier.

3. Sephora loyalty program


The Sephora Card Program has three tiers – White, Black and Gold. Benefits include…

  • Private sales
  • Offers on your favorite brands
  • A surprise on your birthday
  • A brand gift of your choice every 200 points

4. Chipotle loyalty program – Chiptopia


Chiptopia was an experiment in loyalty run by Chipotle. The program is no longer active.

5. Amazon Prime loyalty program


Amazon’s Prime loyalty program has been subject to a lot of analysis.

Users get shipping benefits, exclusive access to movies and TV shows, Kindle books, and generally a superior Amazon experience all-around.

6. Starwood Preferred Guest Loyalty Program


Starwood’s Preferred Guest loyalty program can be linked with Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton rewards.

7. Best Buy Loyalty Program


Best Buy’s loyalty program is called My Best Buy, and it has three tiers – Regular, Elite, and ElitePlus.

8. Gilt Insider loyalty program


Gilt Insider loyalty program has four tiers – Insider, Select, Premier and Noir. At the highest level,  you get…

  • Birthday gifts
  • VIP customer service
  • Waitlist priority
  • Private events
  • 1 Hour Preview of Sales

9. Adidas loyalty program


Adidas’s loyalty program for customers in Asia is called 3stripes.co.

It gives participants a $10 voucher for every $100 spent, among a host of other benefits.

10. Amtrak loyalty program


Amtrak’s loyalty program is called Amtrak Guest Rewards, and is framed very much like a hotel’s, interestingly!

11. Barnes&Nobles loyalty program


Barnes&Nobles has a loyalty program in the form of a $25/year membership with over $50 in coupons.

12. British Airways loyalty program


British Airways’ loyalty program is called the Executive Club, with tiers named after precious stones – Emerald, Sapphire.

13. Costa Coffee loyalty program


Costa coffee loyalty program is called the Costa Coffee Club, and ha two tiers.

14. Dr. Brandt loyalty program


Dr Brandt’s loyalty program uses a point system that gives customers points for all sorts of specific actions.

15. Expedia loyalty program


Learn more: Expedia+ Rewards

16. Graeters loyalty program


Learn more: Graeter’s Sweet Rewards Program

17. Hotels.com loyalty program


Learn more: Hotels.com loyalty program

18. IHG loyalty program


Learn more: IHG’s loyalty program

19. Lancome loyalty program


Learn more: Lancome’s loyalty program

20. Marvel loyalty program


Learn more: Marvel Insider

21. National’s loyalty program


Learn more: National’s loyalty program

22. Nestlé loyalty program


Learn more: Nestlé’s loyalty program

23. Nordstrom loyalty program


Learn: Nordstrom’s loyalty program

24. Old Navy loyalty program


Learn more: Old Navy’s loyalty program

25. Patagonia loyalty program


Learn more: Patagonia’s loyalty program

26. Subway loyalty program


Learn more: Subway’s loyalty program

27. Ulta loyalty program


Learn more: Ulta’s loyalty program

28. Virgin America loyalty program


Virgin America’s loyalty program is called Elevate.

29. Virgin Atlantic loyalty program


Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program is called the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

30. Yuenglings loyalty program


Yuengling’s loyalty program gives subscribers access to coupons, discounts, contests, a free pint of ice cream and more.

31. Zappos loyalty program



Zappos’s loyalty program has 4 tiers – Sliver, Gold, Platinum and Elite – and the last is invite-only.

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