In October of 2017, the ReferralCandy team launched CandyBar, a digital loyalty app for small businesses.

Our engineering, product and marketing teams all came together to organize the launch event, which took place at Artistry.

We invited dozens of food bloggers, writers and photographers to the event, and it was a great evening of good food, music, learning and networking for everyone involved. 😎

More about the CandyBar product:

The simple process of how CandyBar works

Why are we building CandyBar?

1. We believe that every customer wants a better deal. Doesn’t it feel great to get a free coffee after you’ve bought a few?

2. We believe that every merchant wants repeat customers. Loyal customers are the holy grail of business. You’ve won them over, they no longer need any persuading. You fall into an easy relationship together, like old friends. They show up. “The usual?” All is well.

Points 1 and 2 are things that are verifiable in reality: that’s why loyalty cards and programs are so common even though they can be rather clunky and tedious.

3. We find dealing with paper loyalty cards frustrating. It’s frustrating to keep them in your wallet or bag, it’s frustrating to have to fish them out, and it’s especially frustrating when you lose one that’s almost complete, or you’ve left one at home, and you have multiple semi-completed cards. We want to be rewarded, we want to be loyal customers, but we hate the hassle.

4. We find unnecessary app downloads frustrating. Starbucks might be able to convince people to download an app, since there are tens of thousands of Starbucks outlets all around the world.

5. We believe that the time is ripe for an innovation in the ‘offline’ retail space. There are a few things that come together here. Everybody has smartphones now, and practically every store has wifi. Devices like tablets have become more accessible.

“CandyBar uses the latest in social technology to allow merchants and customers to have a more seamless, hassle-free loyalty experience. Everybody wins!”

What CandyBar looks like to on the merchant’s end: sleek and intuitive

CandyBar is simple for customers:

  • No app download
  • No paper loyalty cards
  • Quick way to get your stamps
  • You can still earn stamps if you don’t have your phone
  • You can request stamps from your own device
  • You can give direct feedback to merchants about your experience
  • You don’t need to give extensive personal information to sign up or participate (address, etc)

CandyBar is easy for merchants:

  • No app download
  • Easily assign stamps
  • Quick setup
  • Receive feedback from customers
  • Low monthly fee
  • Free 30-day trial

Here’s a blogpost about our recent launch event.

Here’s (some of) the team behind CandyBar:

CandyBar has been steadily getting more users over the months, and we’ve been improving the product with new features and a better overall experience.

Try CandyBar for free today! You can run an entire digital loyalty program with your own device.


Posted by Visakan Veerasamy

Visa is CandyBar's blog editor. He's a 3-time Quora Top Writer, and he's working on a project to write a million words. Hopes to someday enjoy a glass of scotch from beyond the Earth's atmosphere.