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Cycle Solutions is a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based marketing agency, experienced in both offline and online marketing solutions. Cycle prides itself on implementing innovative and integrated solutions to solve their clients’ problems.

With deep expertise in the SME market, it offers a range of services and solutions that are simple, effective and results-oriented.


CRAF_logo_selo_negativo_vermelho2.pngCraft on Draft

Started in 2016, Craft on Draft is a different kind of social space for the tasting of craft beers. In just  two years it has won the heart of  the “paulistano” consumer, who loves CoD for the quality of their beverages and excellence of the service.

Craft on Draft Wanted To Increase Customer Frequency and Loyalty

Image Credit: Craft on Draft

Craft on Draft was interested in developing a closer relationship with its patrons, and approached Cycle for a way to reward customers for their loyalty, and make them come back.

The goal was to increase:

  • Onsite customer traffic
  • Number of unique customers
  • Individual consumption, and
  • Repeat visits.

With this in mind, Cycle designed a strategy for Craft on Draft that included:

  • Collecting data from customers (email and phone number)
  • Rewarding customer loyalty
  • Increasing average ticket value
  • Encouraging customer frequency
  • Recurring communications via email marketing and SMS
  • Social media management complementing SMS+Email marketing efforts

Cycle needed a tech solution that could do all of the above at a low cost.

Cycle chose CandyBar.

CandyBar Helps Craft on Draft Reward Its Customers For Their Loyalty

Here’s why Cycle Solutions picked CandyBar over other solutions:

“CandyBar has two main interesting features: 1) Collecting emails and phone numbers from customers and 2) representing our work visually in the location. For restaurant and bar owners it’s great because customers can interact with it. It’s also great for agencies like ours because this visual tool can help us get more clients through word-of-mouth”
— Carlos da Silva Pinto, Cycle Solutions COO

Cycle helped Craft On Draft get their CandyBar account set up, and walked their staff through the platform. Staff found it effortless to use and they were up and running in no time. Cycle also designed a promotion strategy to let Craft on Draft’s customers know about the new loyalty program through posters and displays, both offline and online.

Three weeks after Craft on Draft started working with Cycle, they saw an increase in customer retention as well as the average ticket value. Hundreds of customers signed up for the loyalty program with their email and phone number.

We asked Jessica Righeto, CoD Manager for her feedback, weeks after they started working with Cycle and CandyBar.

“CandyBar was very well received by our customers who, besides taking advantage of the offers, ended up having fun requesting and collecting their stamps. It’s great because it’s very simple and intuitive for both the customer and our staff”
— Jessica Righeto, CoD Manager

Image Credit: Craft on Draft

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