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If you are running a nail salon, you’re not just operating a business. You’re creating art.

And the best social media channel to promote your art is Instagram.

I’d go as far as to say that Nail Salons who aren’t advertising on Instagram are losing customers. They are missing their biggest advertising channel.

Instagram is the most engaging social media channel out there. In just three years, this platform has over 150 million users who like 1 billion pictures each day. And it’s not just advertising, a few nail salons actually get customers and bookings through Instagram.

The bottom line is you can’t afford not to be on Instagram if you are a nail salon. Nail Salons have great clickable-subjects right there in their salons. Instagram can be your best advertising tool.

Especially if yours is a small business. We know that as a small business, you probably don’t have a quarter of the marketing budget that big brands have. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have as many followers. On Instagram, it’s not about spending big bucks. It’s about being consistent. Having something to show. Being present. Being there for your customers.

Here’s how Nail Salons like yours are using Instagram effectively to grow their followers and get business in the process.


WAH Nails

WAH Nails is one of the most popular nail salons in London. In fact, this nail salon is perhaps the best example of Nail Salon Instagram Accounts. They usually fully booked through Instagram only. Wah Nails started as a side project on university student, Sharmadean Reid Sharmadean Reid. This Instagram account gained instant popularity after doing a nail pop-up bar promotion for British Airways.

In the Instagram account of this nail salon, you’ll find a very Insta-feel to their posts. You see many here-and-now posts. You get to see what the brand is doing, such as working the MAC and ASOS Shoot. On Instagram, it’s also about who knows how. If a famous celebrity or a brand hires you, don’t miss out the opportunity.

Another interesting thing the brand is doing is celebrating themes and special days. For World Record Day, they posted a nail art showing a record label painted on a red background on the nails. The caption has the hashtag #recordstoreday. So that anyone searching the hashtag would find the nail art pop up in their search.

Irotoiro Nail

Irotoiro Nail is a hideaway nail salon managed by Ikue, a Tokyo based nail artist. He creates his nail art using hand gels.

Irotoiro Nail stands out from other nail salons in their use of color palette. All Nail art is done in the same washed-out pastel colors with a miniature-art feel to it.  You’ll see delicately painted wreaths, patterns, rabbits wearing flower tiaras. The consistent use of the same color palette and design elements creates a strong brand image for the salon.

NAIL MAXに掲載のデザイン2つ目♡ ・ うさぎさんとお花で上品に🐰🌷 ・ とっても可愛いです☺️ ・ ・ ◯お客様ネイル♡ →@ikue.nail ◯押し花ナチュラルデザイン♪ →@irotoiro.ikue ◯手描きデザイン💅 → @irotoiro.nail.sp ・ @自由が丘隣田園調布から徒歩2分ネイルサロン #手描きネイル#花ネイル#パステルネイル#ブライダルネイル#フラワーネイル#大人ネイル#instanails#ショートネイル#冬ネイル#うさぎネイル#スモーキーネイル#ウェディングネイル#ジェルアート#カジュアルネイル#ネイル#ネイルサロン#handpaintednailart#gelnailart#ネイルアート#ジェル#ジェルネイル#ネイルデザイン#北欧ネイル#北欧#バレンタインネイル#japanesenailartist#japanesenailsalon#手描きアート#japanesenailart#手書きネイル

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Apart from showcasing their art, Irotoiro Nail also posts about his other accomplishments. The Nail Artist is occasionally featured in local magazine covers and newspapers. When that happens, he posts a picture of the cover on his Instagram feed. This shows your followers that you’re not just another nail salon. This establishes credibility.

Riya’s Nails

Riya’s Nails is an Ohio-based Nail Salon. This salon offers a full range of nail services including acrylic enhancements and custom nail designs.

Riya’s Instagram account is basically a big portfolio of their nail art. They post pictures and videos daily. Consistent posting gives your viewers the perception that you are an active nail salon. Another good thing happening on their account is videos of manicures at their salon. This gives viewers a good idea of what’s happening. Plus they appear helpful. This creates a positive brand experience for your followers and they will likely recommend you to friends and family.

Valley NYC

Valleys NYC is a NewYork-based nail salon with four branches operating in different parts of the city. They have slightly more composed pictures with short, catchy captions that go best with Instagram. With nail salons, almost all the pictures are done in the salon. You risk becoming a little monotonous. Valley NYC has very cleverly avoided this by photographing their subjects over composed backgrounds.

Valley NYC also uses its Instagram to hold mini-contests to involve its users. Unlike giveaways that most other brands do, Valley NYC asks its followers to click pictures nail art done at their salon to avail discounts on their next appointment. This is the best way to engage your followers. You get them to take beautiful pictures for you. Plus, your improve your salon’s organic reach through their friends and family.

Jin Soon Choi

Jin Soon Choi is the Instagram channel of Editorial manicurist and founder of the JINsoon Spas and JINsoon Nail Lacquer. Choi’s Instagram has a very pop art feel to it. Much of the nail art is showcased over jazzy backgrounds.

Jin Soon is an Editorial manicurist so it makes sense that his profile shows a lot of who’s who of the fashion world – campaign shots, signature restaurants etc. In one post, you even see Jin Soon is doing a manicure on a dog. Whimsical posts such as these empathize with your followers and help build your brand’s emotional value.

Nail Lounge

Nail Lounge is an NY-based nail salon. They use their Instagram account to really communicate with their viewers. Nail Lounge posts about popular nail art. They share celebrations and birthdays with their viewers. Nail Lounge also posts daily deals on their Instagram channel. Most businesses note a spike in their followers and engagement after holding a giveaway or a contest. Your customer thinks, ‘I should be following this salon. I don’t want to miss out any deals’.

Nail Swag

Nail Swag is an LA based nail salon. Their staff consists of award-winning nail artists who offer Japanese-style Gel Manicures.

Nail Swag should be your go-to when it comes to what’s in and happening with nail art. They post some of the best nail arts. And that’s what every nail salon should aspire for. Clear, beautiful, ‘I-want-these-on-my-nails’ pictures of nail art. With every picture, they caption it with their staff’s name and number artist to book them. So someone going through the post on Instagram may say, ‘I want t to book an appointment with her’, and they have the number there. Just call and book an appointment. Simple. Your job is to make it simple for your potential customers to get to you.

They also occasionally post about what colors are in for the season and what styles are in. That’s helpful for your followers. When you offer them advice for free, you build a positive customer relationship with them.

Nail Swag also offers a window into their salon. They shared a picture of their owner, Natalie Minerva sporting a nail art on her birthday. With this, they are bringing a human element in their advertising. These are the key to developing brand loyalty. In fact, customers in this age expect brands to provide memorable brand experiences.


Paint Box

Paint Box is SOHO based modern manicure salon. All their posts are all pictures of nail art done in their salon. Even when they are celebrating events and holidays, they post a picture of a nail art to go with the occasion.

Cheers from all your friends at Paintbox! Get ready for us, 2018.🥂

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Their photography has a very modern and chic feel to it. They don’t just take pictures of their nail art. The pictures are composed, taking into consideration the background and the foreground. This makes the nail art more prominent and more likable for the viewers. Also since the salon is aiming as a modern salon, these pictures help strengthen the salon’s brand image. This shows a synergy between their social media and their brand value.


Takeaway Lessons from These 9 Nail Salon Instagram Accounts

Here’s what you should be copying from these 9 Nail Salon Instagram Accounts:

  • Click Your Art: With nail salons, if you’re good at your work, you’ve got stunning pictures. You don’t have to schedule your Instagram account a month or two before. Just take a daily picture of nail art and put it up on Instagram. To up the game, plan your background to go with your brand image. Use the same colors or elements in your background as your brand image. And there go your branded posts on Instagram. Set yourself apart from other nail salons by creating your own unique look using colors, backgrounds, etc.
  • Get Your Audience to Help You: Ask your customers to take pictures for you. Start a campaign where if your customers click great pictures for you and post them on Instagram along with your hashtag, they could win coupons or discounts on their next nail appointment.
  • Behind-the-scene Pictures: Occasionally, offer a sneak peak of your behind-the-scenes. What your team is doing. Celebrate a staff birthday by doing up their nails. This gives your brand a human element. They don’t appear as yet another nail salon. Plus, this gives you another chance to showcase your nail art.
  • Post Daily: This shows your followers that you have an active nail salon. So much is happening at your salon. But don’t put up more than two pictures to avoid being taken as spammy.
  • Use Your Bio Wisely: Instagram gives you only 150 characters to write your bio. You should use it to write down your contact details, your location and any awards or work that might impress your followers.
  • Be Helpful: Instagram is basically helping you by giving you a free platform for your advertising. You should extend that help back by helping their users. Put up posts that you think might help your nail-art-obsessed followers. Offer tips on doing nail art at the salon. Tell them what colours or styles are in. Show them videos of nail art done at your salon. This is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty and following for your salon, among other ways of building brand loyalty.
  • Use Those Hashtags: If you want to make it easier for your customers to find you on Instagram, use Hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for your customers to find you on Instagram. It’s best to limit your hashtags to 1-3 hashtags per post. A good way to use hashtags is for giveaways or contests. That way you get your followers to promote you and improve your reach. Another good way to use hashtags is to capitalise on trending hashtags. You could do a Christmas inspired nail art and post it with a trending Christmas hashtag.
  • Bank of Celebrity Visits: If a famous celebrity visits you, don’t miss this amazing advertising opportunity. Click a picture and post it on Instagram. Let the world know that you know and work with celebrities. And don’t forget to use their hashtag.

Liked 9 Nail Salon Instagram Accounts You Should Follow? We have tons of more advice for small businesses like yours. Happy Reading!

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