Are you looking to print loyalty cards? Maybe your customers have been badgering you for a loyalty program. Or maybe you’re just thinking it would be a nice way to give something back – or to increase customer retention and keep customers coming back.

The “loyalty card” part is a great idea – but here are some reasons why you should reconsider the ‘printing’ or ‘paper’ aspect.

1. Good printing is costly, cheap printing is low-quality

One of our merchants that we spoke to was spending a couple of hundred dollars every other month printing his loyalty cards. It was important to him that his loyalty cards looked and felt good, with prominent branding. That costs extra. And he had to get them printed in bulk, so it was an ordeal having to collect and store boxes of cards.

You could try making cheap copies yourself, but if the paper quality isn’t great, it’s just that much likelier that your customers will accidentally misplace them or throw them away along with all their receipts.

It’s also bad for the environment, c’mon!

2. Your customers will lose, misplace or forget them

I’ve experienced this one myself – I’m sure you have too!

One of the funniest, most frustrating things that happens is when you forget one loyalty punchcard that has several stamps on it – and so you end up with multiple punchcards with multiple stamps on all of them.

You might think that this is kind of a sneaky win – after all, the customer is returning! But this is ultimately a frustrating experience for your customers. If you want your business to do well, you’ll want to keep your customers happy.

3. Your customers will get frustrated carrying them around

How much space do you have in your wallet? Your own loyalty card might seem like it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but you have to think about it from the point of view of your customers. Your business isn’t the only one that they’re frequenting.

Each additional loyalty card is an extra commitment, an extra load on your customers’ psyche. We already live in an age of information overload – if you make your customers lives easier, they’ll be grateful for it.

Solution? Use a simple, modern, digital solution like CandyBar instead

Try CandyBar instead. All your customers need to do is input their phone number in a browser on your device. There are other punch card app solutions out there – but you are on the CandyBar blog 😉

CandyBar has many advantages worth considering:

  • No app download necessary. CandyBar is a lightweight site that runs smoothly on any browser or device. No apps to install, no QR codes to scan.
  • Easy for merchants – Merchants can issue stamps via their own store tablets, laptops, or even their phones.
  • User friendly for customers – Customers can request stamps via either the store’s tablets, or their own phones
  • One step sign-up – Customers only need their mobile number to sign up. It literally takes seconds.
  • Easy reward redemption – Customers can simply tap “Redeem rewards” and collect what they have earned.

CandyBar is already being used by hundreds of merchants worldwide. You can test out a free trial and see what your store’s loyalty program would look like, today!


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