Looking for a list of the best brand loyalty programs?

We’ve trawled the Internet, hunting down a wide array of customer loyalty programs, brand rewards memberships and punch card programs across different industries. From the very biggest brands like Starbucks, Sephora and Expedia to the small business loyalty programs, we’ve got it all. Here they are:

A Comprehensive List Of 50 Loyalty Program Examples

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  • The Best Loyalty Programs In the World – Starbucks, Amazon Prime, and Sephora; the best examples of loyalty programs in the world
  • Restaurant Loyalty Programs – Loyalty program examples from cafes, fast casual/fast food QSR loyalty including Dunkin, Panera and Chipotle
  • Travel Loyalty Programs – Examples of loyalty programs that reward you for travel & hospitality spending, like Expedia, Amtrak and National. Also including the following subcategories:
  • Products Loyalty Programs – A huge category of loyalty programs with rewards for purchasing products. Rather than split by industry, we’ve decided to split them by:
  • Small Business Loyalty Programs – examples of small businesses running loyalty programs

Who has the best loyalty rewards program?

Starbucks, Amazon Prime and Sephora have the best customer loyalty programs, tapping into their global reach, strong brand loyalty and regularly returning customers. More than just sales and discounts, their loyalty programs play a big part in delivering excellent customer experiences, for example mobile payments and priority experiences – and generate record revenue, too!

  1. Starbucks loyalty program


    Starbucks Rewards is one of the most used loyalty programs in the world! Spending money at Starbucks gets you “Star points”, which you can then redeem for rewards. Plus, you can also pay by mobile through the app, and get notifications of special offers and seasonal drinks.

    The loyalty program is so successful Starbucks Rewards was mentioned eight times in its Q4 2018 Earnings Call. Not a surprise, considering that Starbucks Rewards members loaded over a billion dollars of cash onto their cards in 2016, and grew to 15.3 million members by November 2018.

    Read More: An Analysis of Starbucks Rewards’ Billion-Dollar Loyalty Program

  2. Amazon Prime loyalty program


    Amazon’s Prime loyalty program has been subject to a lot of analysis, but it’s hard to argue that it offers rewards for loyalty to Amazon shoppers, as well as encouraging members to keep going back to Amazon to enjoy the benefits.

    And what benefits! Users get faster shipping benefits, exclusive access to movies and TV shows, Kindle books, and generally a superior Amazon experience all-around. No wonder there have been 100 million Prime subscribers globally in April 2018 – with the number expected to spike after Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    See Also: 5 Top-Notch Loyalty Programs That Reimagined The Way We Think About Rewards – #2 is Amazon Prime!

  3. Sephora’s loyalty program: Sephora

    Beauty Pass / Beauty Insider


    The Sephora Beauty Insider Program has three tiers – White, Black and Gold. Benefits include…

    • Private sales and exclusive events
    • Offers on your favorite brands
    • A surprise on your birthday
    • A brand gift of your choice every 200 points

    With attractive benefits like this, it’s no wonder some Sephora Super-Shoppers can easily rack up 50,000 Beauty Insider Points – the equivalent of spending $50,000!

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What are the best restaurant rewards program?

Good food and great ambience brings customers in – but great a loyalty/rewards program keeps customers coming back regularly.

With Starbucks leading the charge, we are seeing more programs transition towards mobile apps and digital loyalty programs, including the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-fil-A and Panera Bread.

    1. Chick-fil-A Loyalty Program

      With 13 million active members and more sales per average than KFC or McDonald’s, Chik-fil-A must be doing something right with its Chik-Fil-A One loyalty program.

      In fact, they recently gave a loyal patron free Chick-fil-A meals for the rest of his life. Granted, he’s a 100 years old — but it’s a nice touch to reward loyalty.

      Read More: How Chick-Fil-A overtakes the competition with its loyalty program

    2. DD Perks Rewards: The Dunkin’ Donuts Loyalty Program

      In less than three years, DD Perks Rewards has signed up seven million members on its way to becoming a massive mobile success.

      loyalty program examples - dunkin donuts loyalty program dd perks reward

      They combined regular rewards and offers for new members, mobile payment and ordering (only for loyalty members!) and cross-promotions with local sports teams.

      Read More: Perk Me Up: How Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty program brews fresh customer rewards with DD Perks Rewards

    3. MyPanera: Panera Bread’s Loyalty Program

      Panera’s digital loyalty program, MyPanera, has more than 28 million members, representing more than half its customer base.

      loyalty program examples - mypanera digital loyalty panera bread

      MyPanera surprises and delights customers and generated US$1 billion in 2017 from digital, mobile, web and kiosk sales. And the number is set to double by 2019!

      Read More: Rise Up: How Panera’s digital loyalty program MyPanera is delivering a billion dollars in sales

    4. Red Robin Royalty Loyalty Program

      Serving up a whopping US$315 million of burgers in the second quarter of 2018 alone, Red Robin must be doing something right in the competitive American fast food/burger market. Part of their success can be attributed to the Red Robin Royalty loyalty program.

      red robin royalty loyalty program - free burgers

      Generous rewards are offered ranging from free entrees to birthday burgers and limited time deals. Red Robin gamifies the experience of earning these rewards, ingraining the habit of patronising their stores.

      Read More: 4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves The Red Robin Loyalty Rewards Program

    5. Chipotle loyalty program – Chiptopia


      Chiptopia was an experiment in loyalty, run by Chipotle. The program lasted for just three months and is no longer active. Even though more than 3 million customers participated, a variety of factors including an timely health scare and an over-complicated redemption program made it untenable.

      Chipotle are coming back with their rewards program, though. In the meantime, you can learn about how Chiptopia failed and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

      Read Also: Chipotle’s Chiptopia Loyalty Program – What went wrong? Lessons and learnings.

    6. Costa Coffee loyalty program


      Costa Coffee loyalty program is called the Costa Coffee Club, and has an app too. They offer points earned, special events and free wifi — eerily similar to another famous cafe loyalty program.

    7. Graeters loyalty program


      Graeter’s Sweet Rewards Program exists as a loyalty card, but they’re also rolling out a pilot mobile app in new cities. Digital loyalty programs, especially for mobile phones, are becoming the norm.

    8. Domino’s digital loyalty app

      Domino’s loyalty card program also serves as a place for members to get exclusive promotions and discounts, place orders and earn points for taking a photo of pizza.

    9. Subway loyalty program: Subcard

      The Subcard App has some interesting twists, including earning points with friends (‘Subsquad’) and loads more.

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The best travel rewards/loyalty program

The travel industry was the first to popularise memberships, rewards and loyalty programs. To this day, most hotels and airlines have points and memberships. Some of the best include Expedia, World of Hyatt and Delta Airlines.

This also includes the subsections for Hotel and Airline Loyalty Program examples.

  1. Expedia loyalty program

    Expedia+ Rewards combines tiered membership with rewards points.

    Learn more: Expedia+ Rewards

  2. National’s loyalty program

    National Car Rental is also making use of a mobile app to target loyalty club members.

    Learn more: National’s loyalty program

  3.  Amtrak loyalty program

    Amtrak’s loyalty program is called Amtrak Guest Rewards, and is framed very much like a hotel’s, interestingly!

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The best hotel loyalty programs

The best hotel loyalty programs go beyond offering free night stays, room upgrades or complimentary ‘continental’ breakfasts. Hyatt, Starwoods and Hotels.com feature exclusive experiences and special rewards.

See also examples for Travel and Airlines.

  1. The World of Hyatt loyalty program

    Hyatt revamped their much-beloved Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program to the World of Hyatt, to focus more on meaningful benefits and brand values, instead of simply room bookings and points.

    World of Hyatt Loyalty Program - Customer Empathy to keep customers happy

    Despite having a smaller portfolio than larger hotel chains, the revamp had a big effect as Hyatt reported stronger sales growth and customer satisfaction.

    Read More: How to inspire empathy with customers: The World of Hyatt loyalty program

  2. Hotels.com loyalty program


    Learn more: Hotels.com loyalty program

  3. Starwood Preferred Guest Loyalty Program


    Starwood’s Preferred Guest loyalty program can be linked with Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton rewards.

  4. IHG loyalty program


    Learn more: IHG’s loyalty program

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The best airline loyalty program

Delta, Alaska Airlines and British Airways offer more than just seat upgrades, priority booking and air miles. Read how the best airline loyalty programs keep customers booking with them again and again.

See also examples for Travel and Hotels.

  1. Delta Airline’s Loyalty Program: SkyMiles

    Many airlines and hospitality offer points and miles. Delta’s Skymiles is an example of a loyalty program that’s well structured, easy to earn points, and tailored to make it easy to spend for users – especially VIP-level Medallion Status members.

    delta loyalty program - medallion members benefits

    Read More: Delta Airline’s Loyalty Program: Examples of a well-structured program

  2. Alaska Airline’s loyalty program

    loyalty program examples - alaska airlines mileage plan

    Alaska Airline’s loyalty program is called Mileage Plan, but offers a host of rewards beyond just bonus miles.

  3. Virgin Atlantic loyalty program

    loyalty program examples - virgin atlantic

    Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program is called the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

  4. British Airways loyalty program


    British Airways’ loyalty program is called the Executive Club, with tiers named after precious stones – Emerald, Sapphire.

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The best product loyalty program

Loyalty programs and memberships that offer you rewards for purchasing products from the brand. We’ve divided this section into eCommerce loyalty programs, which feature online sales or a heavy online component and Retailer Loyalty Programs, which focus on brick-and-mortar retailer examples.

The best eCommerce loyalty program

Sephora and Hotel Pink lead the charge, rewarding their regular customers for their loyalty with membership rewards, exclusive experiences and special tiers.

  1. Hotel Pink, Frank Body‘s Rewards & Loyalty Program

    In just a couple of years, Frank Body grew from a modest $5,000 to a multimillion dollar skincare brand. They knew their audience and how to reach them with sharp social media branding – but also a successful loyalty program, Hotel Pink.

    loyalty rewards program examples - hotel pink by frank body

    Hotel Pink ties in aspects of a conventional shopping rewards/loyalty program with points for referrals, allowing customers to earn points any way they choose – making them extremely effective brand ambassadors.

    Read More: Why Frank Body’s Hotel Pink Is An Effective Loyalty Program For Customer Retention

  2. 3Stripes.co: Adidas loyalty program


    Adidas’s loyalty program for customers in Asia is called 3stripes.co.

    It gives participants a $10 voucher for every $100 spent, among a host of other benefits.

  3. Barnes&Nobles loyalty program


    Barnes&Nobles has a loyalty program in the form of a $25/year membership with over $50 in coupons.

  4. Dr. Brandt loyalty program


    Dr Brandt’s loyalty program uses a point system that gives customers points for all sorts of specific actions.

  5. Gilt Insider loyalty program


    Gilt Insider loyalty program has four tiers – Insider, Select, Premier and Noir. At the highest level,  you get…

    • Birthday gifts
    • VIP customer service
    • Waitlist priority
    • Private events
    • 1 Hour Preview of Sales
  6. Lancome loyalty program


    Learn more: Lancome’s loyalty program

  7. Marvel loyalty program


    Learn more: Marvel Insider

  8. Nestlé loyalty program


    Learn more: Nestlé’s loyalty program

  9. Ulta loyalty program


    Learn more: Ulta’s loyalty program

  10. Yuenglings loyalty program


    Yuengling’s loyalty program gives subscribers access to coupons, discounts, contests, a free pint of ice cream and more.

  11. Zappos loyalty program



    Zappos’s loyalty program has 4 tiers – Sliver, Gold, Platinum and Elite – and the last is invite-only.

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The best retail loyalty program

Brick-and-mortar retail experiences that focus mostly on returning customers for the offline experience, with no online tie-in. See also the best eCommerce loyalty programs.

  1. Best Buy Loyalty Program


    Best Buy’s loyalty program is called My Best Buy, and it has three tiers – Regular, Elite, and ElitePlus.

  2. Benefits Cosmetics – Beauty Loyalty Program

    Benefit Cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics and is available at over 2,000 locations in more than 30 countries. The brand is best known for its famous Brow Bars, where Brow Experts offer their signature brow waxing service along with add-ons.

    To stand out in the competitive beauty & cosmetics industry, Benefit Cosmetics ran two loyalty programs with CandyBar in Singapore and Manila. Read more about our case study on Benefit Cosmetics’ customer loyalty program here.

  3. Nordstrom loyalty program


    Learn: Nordstrom’s loyalty program

  4. Old Navy loyalty program


    Learn more: Old Navy’s loyalty program

  5. Patagonia loyalty program


    Learn more: Patagonia’s loyalty program

  6. Samsung loyalty program


    The Samsung loyalty program, based in India, is called the Samsung Smart Club.

    There’s a Gold tier and a Platinum tier as well!

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Small Business loyalty programs

You don’t have to be a big brand to run a customer loyalty program — just start printing some paper punchcards or use a simple digital loyalty app, and you’re ready to go. Here are some examples of small businesses running loyalty programs.

  1. The Daily Cut – Salad Quick Service Restaurant Loyalty Program

    The Daily Cut is a protein-focused salad bar in Singapore, started because founder Jonathan Yang wanted to eat nutritious meals but disliked raw vegetable salad. They offer customers a stamp for every $10 spent, and $5 off for every 5 stamps redeemed.

    Read our case study of The Daily Cut here.

  2. Bubbleology – Bubble Tea & Desserts Loyalty Card

    Bubbleology is a chain of cafes in the UK that serves desserts and bubble tea. Bubbleology’s loyalty card offers points for purchases of bubble tea (10th drink free!) along with extra £1 store credit for every £10 charged to the card. A great example of a multi-store punch card!

  3. Plain Vanilla – Small Business Cafe Loyalty Program

    Plain Vanilla is a cafe with four outlets serving delicious baked goods, hand-crafted in small quantities, paired with great coffee and a welcoming ambience. Their loyalty program offers a free cup of coffee after every 10 cups spent, and was effective in turning their outlets into places where people could visit every day.

    Read more about Plain Vanilla’s cafe loyalty program here.

  4. Mission Juice – Juice Bar Restaurant Loyalty Program

    Mission Juice serves cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and frozen yogurt in Singapore. Every bottle is made-to-order and cold-pressed for maximum freshness and nutrition at their one outlet.

    Mission Juice is a CandyBar customer! Read how they make use of our Prepaid Bundles feature here.

  5. Muchachos – Tex-Mex Quick Service Restaurant Customer Loyalty Program

    Muchachos is a fast-casual restaurant in Singapore, serving authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

    When they re-opened in a new location after a year of being closed, they made use of a loyalty program to rebuild their customer base and reward past customers. Read more about Muchacho’s F&B restaurantloyalty program here.

  6. Fiddler’s Green Dispensary Small Business Retail Loyalty Program

    Fiddler’s Green Walpole is a cannabis dispensary on Walpole Island in Ontario, Canada. To stand out against competition, Fiddler’s Green made use of a loyalty program to give customers a reason to visit Fiddler’s Green again after every purchase – instead of going to its competitors.

    Read more about Fiddler’s Green retail loyalty program here.

  7. MK Wine & Liquors Small Business Retail Loyalty Program

    MK Wine & Liquors is a liquor store in Colorado, America. Family owned and operated, MK Wine & Liquors offers a wide selection of craft beer, liquor, and wine from all over the world.

    Facing competition from online sales, MK Wine & Liquor made use of a loyalty program to retain customers at its brick-and-mortar location. Read more about MK Wine & Liquors’ retail loyalty program here.

  8. Twist Ice Cream Parlour Loyalty Program

    Twist is an ice cream parlor in St Mary, Jamaica. Founder and CEO Larry Gardiner set out to create guilt-free, non-dairy desserts that tasted good and were healthy too.

    Business Owner Larry Gardiner was looking for a way to grow the brand and deepen his relationship with customers. When customers kept forgetting his paper punch cards, he switched over to a digital loyalty program and never looked back.

    Read more about Twist Ice Cream’s loyalty program here.

  9. Fruce – Small Business F&B Loyalty Program

    Fruce serves dessert beverages, blending Japanese flavours with fresh fruits. They have two outlets in a popular mall with plenty of foot traffic.

    As a relatively new brand, facing serious competition from dessert alternatives, Fruce used a loyalty program to reward loyal customers and encourage repeat business. Read more about Fruce’s F&B loyalty program here.

  10. Tokyo Chopped Salad Small Business Restaurant Loyalty Program

    Tokyo Chopped Salad is Singapore’s first and only Japanese chopped salad concept – ingredients are sliced and diced into delicious mouthfuls, so you can enjoy the salad with just a spoon. The dressings and salad combinations were conceived by famed Japanese chef Teppei Yamashita.

    Facing competition from the numerous F&B options in the same mall, Tokyo Chopped Salad used a loyalty program to drive repeat business and increase revenue

    Read more about Tokyo Chopped Salad’s loyalty program here.

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