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Small businesses (and some bigger brands) have used CandyBar digital loyalty solution to deliver customer retention and other loyalty-related benefits. Here are some of the happy merchants.

CandyBar Case Studies

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Candybar Feature-Based Case Studies

How Mission Juice uses Prepaid Bundles for Customer Retention

Mission Juice

“CandyBar takes the hassle out of offering Packages and makes life easier for our cashiers.” – Joel, Business Owner at Mission Juice

Candybar Case Studies

Happy merchants who have used CandyBar to solve their problems.

Muchachos: Relaunching with Loyalty

candybar loyalty case study muchachos mexican restaurant relaunch brand launch singapore

“Since reopening, we’ve seen new faces sign up with CandyBar and become regulars.” – Jun Hew, Brand & Partnerships Manager @ Muchachos.

Fiddler’s Green: Retail Loyalty

candybar loyalty case study canada fiddlers green walpole

In just a few months, customers have redeemed 97% of the loyalty rewards they earned at Fiddler’s Green Walpole.

MK Wine & Liquor: Relaunching with Loyalty

candybar loyalty case study mk wine liquor retail veteran owned

MK Wine & Liquor have been using CandyBar to reward customers for 2 years and counting!

Twist Ice Cream: A Loyalty Card Customers Won’t Forget

candybar loyalty case study twist ice cream

“We are very pleased with CandyBar as our loyalty program. CandyBar has helped us get customers coming back regularly.” – Larry Gardiner, Business Owner at Twist Ice Cream

Benefit Cosmetics: Making Customers Smile

candybar case studies benefit cosmetics brow bar loyalty program prepaid bundle beauty service

“Customers love CandyBar. They made sure to get their stamp after every visit.” – Kenneth Ong, Assistant Regional Digital Marketing Manager @ Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics also ran an ad campaign to sign up new customers. Said Kenneth:
“The Free Sample helped get many new customers to sign up. CandyBar’s PrePaid Bundles Feature made it easy to manage giving out the reward.”
Read more about how CandyBar drove new sign-ups in the Benefit Cosmetics case study here.”

The Daily Cut: Long Queues of Loyal Regulars

candybar loyalty case study the daily cut salad singapore

“Ever since we used CandyBar, revenue has gone up 20-30%” – Necie, Store Manager @ The Daily Cut.

Plain Vanilla: Delighting regulars, creating a communal space

candybar loyalty case study the plain vanilla singapore

CandyBar helped drive store visits. Our stores became places where people could visit every day. – Ning, Communications Associate

Fruce: Fresh Juice, Fresh Smiles

candybar loyalty case study fruce fresh juice singapore

“I can see on CandyBar who are my regulars. They keep coming back, and sales are up.” – Roxie, Store Manager @ Fruce.

Tokyo Chopped Salad: Store Sales Up 5%

candybar loyalty case study tokyo chopped salad

CandyBar has increased store sales by 5%. Better still, our customers love it.” – Shawn, Store Manager @ Tokyo Chopped Salad.

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